Monday, August 13, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #50

So I was in my pasture, just chilling with Robbie and looking for scraps of grass to eat. . .
We are cute. And the same size :)
. . .when Allie showed up and tried to get me. At first I was like no!! and ran, but then I heard the *crinkle* and stopped. I let Allie put the halter on me and she gave me my peppermint. Yum.

The Allie tried to walk off with me. Magically, I grew a set of roots. Ha! I was not moving! I knew what she was up to. . .she wanted me to work. And clearly, I was trying to eat with Robbie. After a couple taps on my butt, I took a few steps and rooted myself again. Ha! I did this all the way out the gate and into the barn.

I guess I was not sending my message across clearly, because Allie continued to tack me up in my round pen gear. When she was done, she tried to get me out of the groom stall. I was firmly planted in place. Ha!

The threat to get my "best friend" aka the dressage whip (not to be whipped, but to be tapped until I move) was enough to get me moving. Even if Allie does not use the whip for evil, I still hate it!

Once we got to the round pen, I thought my time would be better put to use grazing than walk/trotting. Allie disagreed and tried to get me moving and I tried to convince her otherwise by not moving. 
Stand and stare
She really, really wanted me to do all of this (but faster and with more enthusiasm). . .

Believe it or not, but I am actually moving in this photo. 
And I really, really just wanted to do this. . .
Darn side reins prevent my grazing!!
Allie won and I was forced into physical labor once again. I had to walk and trot and walk and trot and walk and trot. Then switch directions and do it all over again. However, if I had to trot, I was going to make Allie trot, too. And if I had to canter, you better believe Allie was cantering, or whatever the two leggers call it. She says she is trying to get ME back in shape, but frankly, I think she is the one that needs the workouts!

But once I got started, it was not too bad. I am real good at round pen work. And we did it together. Ha!
I am quite the good looking Haflinger! Although Allie needs to wash my mane. It is not quite the blonde it should be.
When I got done, I got to eat my dinner hay and rest up for the night. Rumor has it that I have a show coming up this weekend!
Excuse me. . .I'm still hungry!


  1. Yes, you are a beautiful girl :) And I of course don't blame you for not wanting to work. Mom's been riding way to much as of late! We should both rebel me thinks.

    1. You know I am all for Haflingers uniting to rebel against work and for more food!

  2. Yup, you are quite the beauty!
    Doc was masterful at snatching a bite of grass while round-penning!

  3. LOL! It's like you and Allie are always playing Survivor! Outwit, Outplay, Outlast! You like outlast the best huh? :D


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