Monday, February 10, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #120

When Allie got to the barn, I was napping in the back corner with Dexter and a lookout draft. But I promptly got up for a quick visit.
Snooze . . .wasn't ready to be done, though
Then, we got to practicing. . .

Sorry about the bumpy-ness, but Reba did not enjoy the fact that Terry was paying attention to me and my cuteness and not her. So She kept nudging and bumping Terry.
Look at my lush, white mane
I am getting much better at bowing, I just have a hard time deciding what to do with my front feet on my own. When left to my own devices, I just keep backing up until I hit a wall. 
Getting there. . .
The best thing about learning tricks is that I get lots of treats! I like getting treats so much, I even tried bowing on my own in the pasture. 
Give me treats!
I have been good lately and coming inside like a good pony. Kyle says that sometimes, he comes to get me and I start to turn away, but then he asks "Do you want your dinner or not?" and I immediately go in. And lucky me, the past couple nights I have had the minions distract him and he forgot to clip me in my stall, so I got to roam the back of the barn all night! Whoo hoo!

And in all this cold, Jaime has been crafting. Look what she made!
It's me, smiling!!
Now we are forever immortalized in clay!
It's all of us! Reba, Isaac, Clutch, Notch, me. Not to size, cause I'm the largest.
Cute, right?



  1. Your clay renditions are so awesome. Smiley Shy is the best for sure

  2. Great job with the bowing! And yes, your clay self is very cute! :)

  3. Oooh, can whoever make those ponies make them on request? I may need one of Paddington!

  4. You must be really special to that your own claymation statue, very cute. Nice bowing too.

  5. Looking good Shy, your mane is just beautiful! And what better way to celebrate than be immortalised with your buds - nice crafting!


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