Wednesday, July 9, 2014

hump day haflinger series #26

Emily has lived behind Walnut Ridge Farms her whole life. When she was little, she would walk over to the Haflinger farm to pet the ponies and feed them grass through the fence. When she was 10, she began riding horses with her uncle. She rode saddle seat at his Morgan/Standardbred stable. But before long, she decided that she would rather walk the quarter mile behind her house to ride Haflingers all day.  
Emily and Ladd
Haflinger: All American Ladd WRF or Ladd
Sire and Dam: All American Afghan NTF and Linda Sue KCH
Age: 10 year old gelding
Height: 15.2 and a little hh (he is a tall one!)
Favorite Food: Cotton Candy and grain
Personality: Ladd has a silly personality. He is never in a bad mood and is always looking for something to do next. He loves people. 
Cutest thing ever?
Likes: They love to do everything, especially Drill Team and Hunter Paces. Emily and Ladd also have a blast going camping in the Allegheny Mountains.
Discipline: A little bit of everything. . .English Flat, Western, Reining, Cross Country, Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, Showmanship, Combined Driving, Parades, Trail Riding (swimming!!), and Gymkhana.
  • Versatility Award at the Haflinger Challenge - had to earn certain amount of points in English, Western, Halter, and Driving
  • Reserve High Point Award at the National Show, 2 years
  • High Point Award at the National Show, last year
  • Equine Affaire's Versatile Horse and Rider Competition, placing 8th overall
  • Champion in the different divisions of the Haflinger Challenge many times
Ladd was born at Walnut Ridge Farms and was given to Emily as a project horse when he was about 4 years old. She has done all his training and taught him everything he knows. Emily just wants to keep having fun with her amazing horse! Ladd seems like such a fun horse!


  1. Ok, I am shocked at how many tall Haffies there are. These 2 are amazing!! Thanks for the fun!!

  2. Love reading your series and seeing the versatility of the Haflingers!

  3. What a really talented pair! Lovely too!


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