Thursday, September 4, 2014

fulton county fair 2014

I spent Wednesday at the Fulton County Fair in Ohio. Gotta love fair days during the week, that means a day off of work! I went with Beth and did my best to help her out. She was showing Art and Leah, who hadn't been out in a while.

I also got to help one of the Haflinger hitches, Brugger's Other Farm, with their six horse hitch. Maybe, I took more photos than actually helping, but I did hold a horse or two. I also helped un-harness after they won the class and spent some cuddle time with one of their geldings, Woody. He was so sweet. 

Enjoy the photos!
Beth's ponies at the trailer. Leah, then Rambo, and Art in the back. 
Gotta love Art!
Belgian lady's cart
Becky and Jasi
Leah and Art, waiting to go into Team Farm Obstacle
Just finishing cones
Brugger's Other Farm, team Haflinger hitch
Going into team farm class
Heritage Hills Belgian Team Hitch
Right after the 4 hitch, getting ready to add more Haflingers
Gotta attach another pole
Horse #5
And horse #6
Holding all the lines and keeping them straight
Heading into the class! All six ready to go!
After the win!
All lined up and ready to rest
One of my new favorites, Woody. He is one of the lead horses from the hitch.
One more county fair this year!


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