Monday, November 3, 2014


Since I have moved barns, I have been getting on Shyloh a lot more. We have been riding around bareback. 

First it started out with very short walks to one barn and back. We would go to say hi to the people there and then go back. Then we would go past the barn and go back. 
Mostly, this was because we were by ourselves and I didn't want to get into something I couldn't get out of and a lot of times it calms me to have another person with me. So short walks back and forth it was.

There was also a lot of sitting on Shy. Sitting while she ate, sitting while she stood and just hopping up and down. This really got Shy used to it and now her head doesn't fly up when someone gets on her. It is just another thing. 

While I have been sitting on her, I have been working on balance and doing silly things, like "flying" and moving around a lot. 
Stuck at the spot.
There was a time when I wanted Shy to walk around, but she didn't want to leave her spot. I later realized that I was looking at her ears (because I will be able to tell when Shy feels like being stupid by looking at her ears, right?). I corrected my head, which in turn corrected my position, and then Shy walked away from her spot. So easy. 

Just yesterday, we walked the big loop around the property and did a little side loop, too. Shy was amazing. I felt comfortable and the complete opposite of stiff. Shy listened beautifully and was perfectly happy following Reba along the paths. 
Back of the property!
Terry mentioned how much better my position and seat were when I was not in a saddle. I don't know why, but I feel so much more comfortable that way. Saddle or no saddle, I am thrilled to be out on my pony!


  1. That's so awesome. So glad the looking down thing clicked for you. I HAVE to work out this winter. Tried bareback again recently.y balance sucks.

  2. I feel so much more comfortable bareback than in a saddle. Weird, huh? Meeker and I started out the same way, just short little jaunts until it became more comfortable.

    This move has been good, I think.

  3. Same as you and GunDiva - I feel way more comfortable riding bareback. My position is better and my horse goes better.

    Glad to hear you and Shy are getting out and about! :D

  4. Bareback riding definitely helps improve the seat, glad you are getting out and about on Shy so much!

  5. I ride bareback a ton too! It's been wonderful for my seat!

  6. Yay!!! This makes me so happy!!!! I love riding bareback too. Maybe your saddle doesn't fit you right? I'm glad you're having fun with her. Starting with short little jaunts and just sitting on her is a great idea for building both of your comfort levels. :D

  7. I much prefer bareback to a saddle too. Just watch out for soreness in her back as your weight won't be as spread out as much. I think part of it is that you can feel her movements more without having a saddle between you and her.

  8. Yeah!! Great news!! ~ I'm currently in the process taking 3 steps back (with anxiety) with my pony riding, so your good news/progress is very encouraging to read!!!

  9. My entire horse back "career" as a teen and even young adult was done bareback, we raced, climbed hills, swam, rode in parades....everything was done bareback. It is great for your balance, and also for your won physical condition. No gyms needed, just keep riding bareback.


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