Monday, November 28, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #13

Well. . .my hunger strike didn't last too long. I am a hungry girl and I have to eat to keep my figure. But I still hate that "thing."  Eating so little should not be so time consuming. I'll never get any sleep cause it will take me all night to eat! Perhaps, I'll be a crabby Haflinger. . .ha!
This is gonna take all night!

I had a spa day yesterday. I got my mane conditioned and re-braided, I got my tail, conditioned, braided, and bagged, and I got a deep cleaning. When Allie took my braids out for the conditioning, my hair was so soft! She thinks conditioner will make my mane even softer. 
Sooner or later, my mane will be even on both sides!

I love these next few photos of me. . .Don't I look so tall and sleek? It's all about the angle!
Regal me! I'm fuzzy!
Thinking deep Haflinger thoughts. . .
Got any food down there?

Allie has started riding me! It has been going good. I am super sensitive and I keep my ears on Allie the whole time. When she loses balance, I stop right away. I have been getting better at my walk and stop transitions, too. My walk is becoming so smooth and comfortable

But yesterday, I gave Allie a little tiny bit of trouble. I was walking real good and it was a nice walk. I probably could have started trotting, if I really wanted. Hey, I was stuck in my stall ALL  day because of the never-ending rain. I don't understand what is the deal with the rain, I don't mind it at all! Anyway, Allie asked me to whoa, but I kept going and going. Then I began pulling on the lunge line trying to get away. It was not working, so I stopped. And we started the whole thing over again. After a few times of doing that, I finally stopped the first time I was asked. And what do you know? Allie told me I was good girl and hopped off, I was done working!

Well, back to eating my hay, one straw at a time. 
BTW. . .I love Cheez-Its!
~ Shyloh


  1. Camryn here: Take it from me, you'll get the hang of that bag and eat almost as fast as if it wasn't bagged. I've got it down pat now hee hee. Mmmmm, never tried cheez-its. Do they go good with wormer?

  2. Camryn, Cheez-Its go great with anything!! Give them a try! And that bag, even though it is a pain, Shy has got the hang of it!

    Megan, thanks! I think she really likes them!


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