Sunday, September 30, 2012

barn fun day

Today, my barn held a Barn Fun Day! It consisted of a pot luck and a horse obstacle course, designed by yours truly and built by Beth and Jim. We had a great day! All the horses were so good going through the different obstacles. We hand walked our horses through first, then some people rode. I could not muster up the courage to ride Shyloh through, even though she walked the course like a champ, even though she wanted to eat grass the whole time.
We even had the Great Arabian Down and Back Sprint!

I took Shy through the course a bunch of times, then cheered on my fellow barn friends as they went through and Shy grazed.

I have a ton of photos to go through that I want to share off all the horses going through the course, but I am too tired right now. I promise to share soon, though!


  1. Can't wait to see the fun. Barn fun is the best fun!

  2. How much fun to have a day like that with other boarders at the barn. That is so neat. Lucky you to have so many folks who are interested in playing around like that.
    Shy looked great going through the obstacles. She didn't looked fazed by anything.


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