Monday, September 17, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #55

I am so close to escaping! Soon. . .soon. . .
I will get out of my stall and be able to come and go as I please. See here and here and here for my most recent attempts at escape. Allie thinks it is cute and that I am just trying to get food. Fool! Although that is a bonus as I test the strength and durability of my stall guard.

What would I do when I finally break the barrier? I have a pretty good set up at my barn, but a Haflinger just needs some socialization and more grazing time. And I don't mind helping out when needed.

I would visit friends. . .
Hi Chick!
And boyfriends. . .
Kisses to Baby Bob
Have important discussions with other horses. . .
Me, Louise, and Casi discussing the state of affairs
And get to know some of the horses I don't hang out with. . .
You are one big horse Remy! 
Check out the new horses. . .
Maverick, looking good with some weight on you!
Make sure all the barn equipment is in tact. . .
Does this tire need air?
Help clean the hay off the floor. . . 
I'd get every last piece up, I promise!
Ensure everything is in tip top shape. . .
All items in the bucket are accounted for!
Then I would go outside and graze.
Mmmm. . .grass, just outside that door.
Well deserved after such a hard day's work!



  1. I sure hope your Mom doesn't read your post girlfriend. If she does she'll do everything she can to put an end you your planning. Mom's are like that sadly.

  2. What a helpful pony, especially cleaning all the hay off the floor!

    1. I try! So I should really get to go as I please, right?

  3. SO CUTE!!! She is totally going to crawl out one of these days. Bre is 16h and used to crawl under her top door. Once she scooted out under the bottom rail of a fence lower than my hip. She is just pretending like she doesn't know how to crawl out.


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