Saturday, October 27, 2012

compliments are the best

One of the best parts of going to a new barn and meeting new people. . .all the love my girl gets.
"Look at that tail!"
"My, she is a pretty color!"
"What a cutie!"
"Your horse looks good!"
"Love the blonde hair!"
"She is beautiful!"
"What a nice mover!"
"Shy is so sweet!"

It makes my heart smile. I put a lot of time and effort into Shyloh and it's nice for other people to enjoy her as much as I do. But now that I am surrounded by a whole new group of people, I also have (yes have) to point out that I do not own a pony. 

The herd waiting for dinner
One of the worst parts of being in a new barn with new people who don't know our history is the constant asking. . .

"Do you ride?"
"Are you riding today?"
"What is she like to ride?"
"Why aren't you riding in the trail?"
"What are you training her for?"

So then, I have to explain where Shy came from and her current lack of muscling issues. And now my lack of a saddle. . . It gets tiresome. But keep the compliments coming. . .I love those!!

Shy and Dancer
The people are so nice, too! I met a few new people today and one gave Shy a flake of hay while we were waiting for the vet. It was fall shots with the vet/potluck day. Shy already had her shots, but this barn requires a strangles vaccination. It is intranasal, which Shy was not too pleased about, but gave everyone a good laugh afterwards with her "smiles". 
Yummy hay!
I am trying to get into a routine, so Shy can become more comfortable in her new home. So one day of lunging, a day of clicker training, and then back to lunging. I think She is looking real good on the lunge. I am going to ask a second set of eyes next time I am out there to double check, though. But, the 24/7 turnout has been real good for her! And we got a compliment on our mat training yesterday! Smiles!
Gimme kisses!!


  1. She is beautiful and deserves every single one of those compliments, which, of course, reflect directly on you :)

  2. Sounds like a very friendly group. Shy looks happy for sure :). Our Vet said that Camryn is her only patient that doesn't mind the strangles vaccine!!

    1. We have to get a booster in a few weeks. . .the vet said the second time is worse cause the horses know what's coming. We shall see. . .

  3. Sounds like you two are gonna do well in the new place! I love all the updates.

  4. That herd looks so cute. Being out in a group is the best thing for horses. I am sure you will find your routine. I'm just now feeling like I have a routine w Dickie. You need to make a sign that says "my name is shyloh and I am a small but mighty horse"

    1. I really should make that sign! Haha! I do wish she would stick up for herself a little more, but she prefers to run (she is quick) rather than kick. But she will kick!

  5. Hearing praise for your non-pony never gets old! ;)

    I understand about irritating questions from new people. I get those a lot regarding my age whenever I go somewhere new. They always think I am much younger (and therefore less experienced) than I am. The good news is that you get to show off all of Shiloh's skills to a new group. You will wow them in no time and then they will start asking you for advice in working with their own horses.

    1. Well, I am not very experienced, but I think I have done a pretty good job with her so far, even though it is taking us much longer than a more experienced person. Oh well, we are having fun!

  6. Glad Shy is doing well in her new home! I'm sure the compliments will keep on coming :-)


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