Friday, October 5, 2012

fall shots

Shyloh got her fall vaccinations today. She is still not fond of Dr. Romine. . .I told him that he does not spend enough quality time with her. The first shot, Shy jumped a bit and was not too happy about it.  But the second shot I had to ask if he even gave it, because Shy showed no reaction. Weird horse.

Dr. Romine took her temperature, which was normal, then he wanted to see Shy move. I took her to the arena and trotted down and back. Then he did a flexion test and I trotted down and back with Shy again. The doctor's verdict: more chiropractic adjustments and hard work.  Hard work!?! And massages. It is her left hip that has the weak muscle.
Dr. Romine massaging Shy's neck
I thought we were working kind of hard. . .sure, sure, it was not the most consistent. . .but between work and family, there is no way I can commit to five or six days out at the barn. But when I do get to the barn, I will have to work her a lot harder. Which means I have to work harder, too. But it needs to be done because I need to start riding! I have big plans over the winter. . .

Aside from that, Ryleigh got a new toy in his stall and Shy was so intrigued by it! I think she might want one, too!!
Its the ball with the apple treat attached.


  1. Don't put a lot of pressure on yourself to work Shy "harder" - you can do what you can do, she'll get there. Don't let spending time with Shy become work, remember to have fun with her.

  2. Shyloh is a beautiful Haflinger. I used to ride a nice Haflinger. They are such versatile horses and with so much personality.

    Did the doctor tell you "how" to work harder? If you know what to target, you could work smarter rather than harder and not have to worry as much about the time factor.

    Thanks for joining my blog!

    1. Thank you! They really are versatile and personality does not even cover it!! Shy is such a hoot!

      My trainer/barn owner Beth gave me some exercises specific to work on that muscle group.

  3. Work harder!!! Fire that Vet I tell ya Shy. Maybe you can convince your Mom that a new toy like Ryleigh would do amazing things for your muscle building??? Worth a try!

    1. Ha! Fire the vet! He is actually really good.
      Shy has a Jolly Ball hanging in her stall, she never plays with it. She does like cones, though, so maybe a cone.


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