Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review

2012 has been a big year for Shyloh and I. In some aspects, we have done a tone of things I never would have thought we would have done. In other aspects, there are a few things we did not accomplish that I wish we would have. Here is our year in review:

January 2012
  • Shyloh got her harness!
  • I fell of Shy while riding bareback. Ouch!
  • I found Shy laying down! First and only time so far.
  • We started clicker training.
February 2012
  • Shy got a saddle!
  • Clicker training trick: kiss
  • Shy pulls the toboggan in the arena.
March 2012
  • Shy started riding lessons, including dressage.
  • First ride outside.
  • Changed bits.
  • Shy bolted with Beth outside.
  • Dentist floated Shy's teeth.
April 2012
  • Shy uses the grazing muzzle.
  • Equine Affaire!
  • Started round pen work.
  • Driving seminar in Ohio.
  • Harry Hughes clinic!
May 2012
  • Shy began seeing the chiropractor.
  • Shy's first show! 
  • I trotted on Shy!
June 2012
  • Rode Shy in a walk/trot class at the Harry Hughes show.
  • Shy pulled me on the toboggan.
July 2012
  • Shy's big spook with the tire outside.
  • Ticks!!
  • Bee attack!
  • Shy's birth-iversary!
August 2012
  • Shy is off on her rear end.
  • Clicker training with the mat.
  • Lots of round pen work.
  • Lots of stretches
September 2012
  • Shy started working on the little hills.
  • More round pen work.
  • Lunging.
  • More clicker training.
October 2012
  • Barn Fun Day with the obstacle course.
  • Moved Shy to a new barn, put her on pasture board.
  • Shy broke her saddle.
November 2012
  • Began some serious drive training.
  • Hooked Shy to a cart!
December 2012
  • Made some PVC shafts for Shy.
  • More serious drive training.
  • Shy's first parade!
  • Shy's first time with me being pony'ed to a hitch wagon.
  • Shy dragged the tire successfully with no header!
  • Shy pulled Anthony in a sled!
2013 will bring lots of fun new things for us! I am looking forward to this year. Happy New Year and thanks for following along with us on our adventure.


  1. What a year you and Shy have been through, Allison. It's had its up and downs, but you're still standing, and she is too, so that's something to be proud of.

    And the new year will bring lots of good things. Just you wait!

  2. Whoot, Whoot, you guys had a great 2012, now on to an even better 2013

  3. Wow! Talk about progress! What a great pair you and Shy are! Enjoy seeing your adventures!

  4. Happy New Year Shy & Allison! I hope your steady progress continues in 2013.

  5. Happy New Year! This has been a big year for Shyloh indeed! So much progress! Can't wait to read more.

  6. Looks like you guys had a great 2012! Happy New Year to you and Shy! More adventures this 2013.

  7. Wow, you had all that documented! Great job! Happy new Year!!

  8. I have SO enjoyed following you and Shy...can't wait to see what comes in 2013!


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