Friday, January 25, 2013

r.i.p. sled

Poor sled. You will be missed. We had some fun times with you. You are the one that really taught Shyloh how to pull things. We used you over gravel, over straw, over grass, and over snow. Once, you scared Shy so bad that she took off on us, causing rope burns. But you were there to help get Shy comfortable with noises behind her that she couldn't see. Sled, you had Anthony as a test dummy when Shy pulled her first person in the snow. Then you gave rides to some people at the barn. But our time now has come to an end. Just when we were beginning to have a ton of fun with you, you break and leave us sled-less. So sad sled, so sad.
so sad
Anyone care to take a guess how the sled broke?
a. plastic snapped from coldness
b. sledding accident
c. went over a rock
d. Shy stepped on it

I finally made it to the barn to see my pony! The temps have been below freezing with the windchill. But I got out there today with a plan. Sled! Shy was in her pasture, all cute with snowflakes on her back. I grabbed her, groomed icicles off of her and just hugged on her for a bit. I really needed that!

Then I tacked her up and walked our dearly beloved sled to the outdoor arena. I got Shy used to the sled again, dragging it and kicking it and what not. Shy was a good pony. Then I did a little line driving behind her, testing her brakes and making more noises with the sled. Check. 

I gathered up my courage and plopped on the sled. It was my first time riding in the sled alone. 

And it was fun!! We walked, we trotted, we did circles and figure eights. Shy was great. She listened to my voice and my reins. Here, come for a little ride with us. . .

Sorry about the part where I dropped the rein. After this, I decided to take her down the little roads in the barn. 

First, I want to mention that I have a hard enough time driving a car, not sure what makes me want to drive a horse! I can't even begin to tell you how many times I hit curbs when turning. . .So as we make our way out of the arena, I made the turn too tight. The single tree hit the fence and Shy's feet moved. Fast. But she didn't go anywhere. I told her easy and she calmed right down and we went on our merry way. Soon, we came to a rocky road. I guess we went over a big rock and a heard a different noise than I am used to hearing. Shy heard it too. I also felt something. . . Shy wasn't too sure what was going on now (and either was I), and she was getting a litte antsy. So I told her easy, told her whoa, then stepped out of the sled to investigate. Crap, the sled had a crack. Well, I was having so much fun I wanted to keep going. But we only got a few more steps until the back end of the sled hit another rock and busted right off. Again, a scary noise, but Shy was acting like an old pro. Cue happy dance!

So those of you that answered c were correct!
Shy has hay radar, she uncovered some hay hiding in the snow
I was very happy with how well Shy did today! We went outside of the arena, we trotted, and we overcame some scary noises and new obstacles. I was pretty bummed about the sled, I would have kept on going until dark time! Guess I am going to have to get a new sled now.


  1. Wow, you guys are doing so AWESOME!!! Proud of you, just finished watching Mustang makeover, couldn't help but think of you two.
    R.I.P. little blue sled you served Shy & Alli well.

    1. Good thing sleds are easily replaced! I have never seen Mustang Makeover. Is it on TV? Cause it sounds good!

    2. It's on Movies on Demand. I think it costs like 4.99

  2. Such a selfless sled, to give its life to help Shy and Allie learn new skills. You will be missed.

    1. Haha! That sled sure helped us overcome a lot of scary things. It had a useful existence!

  3. Aw, farewell Sled, you will be missed :-(
    But now it's time for the cart stories to begin - can't wait to hear those ones :-)

    1. I can't wait to write about them. . .as soon as the weather cooperates and I get the cart. It is in central Michigan and the weather and roads are worse up there, so delivery keeps getting pushed back.

  4. Poor little sled..RIP

    Hope you get a new, bigger better sled!


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