Friday, April 5, 2013

the kick

Shyloh has left me pretty much speechless today. . .

We started out by putzing around, just enjoying the weather. I attempted the mane roll again. I think I did a better job than the other day, but even after watching tons of YouTube videos, I still can't quite get it. I think I need a third hand to do this. The one good thing about the mane rolls is that I can now hop up on a bucket quickly and without giving Shy notice and she is fine with it. She used to always move away or if I got on the bucket quickly she would get scared. Small victories. . .

After I gave up with the mane roll, I took Shy to graze in the little bit of grass that is coming up. She was eating grass like she hasn't eaten in three weeks (clearly that is not true).

Then I put Shy back with her herd. Which is HER herd now. She takes her job as boss mare quite seriously. As I was walking around with the horses and talking to a lady who owns Rainy Day, I noticed that Rainy Day had a cut (in the shape of a hoof) on her butt/back leg, near her tail. I said something to the owner as I approached Rainy Day to take a closer look. She had another cut in the exact same spot on the other side. It looked like a double hoof kick to the rear end. The owner walked over, moved the mare's tail and saw bloody swollen lady bits. 


I am pretty sure this would have been Shy's reaction to this. . .
Moo hahahaha!
Rainy Day is a little sore, but okay. We are pretty sure Shy did this to her sometime today. My sweet little pony. . .a vagina kicker! Shy sure has turned into something else since she thinks she is the boss. She used to only kick after she was provoked repeatedly but another horse, like when she first moved into the herd. Now, she pins her ears the the horses, snakes her head, and away they run. Expect Tony. . .he either doesn't care that Shy thinks she has gone big time now or he is oblivious. 

I left Shy to get ready for her dinner. I told her she needed to rest up and I packed a bunch of her stuff in my car. Shy has no idea what we have in store for her tomorrow. . . 
Shy says, "All the foods are mine!!"


  1. Poor Rainy! Hopefully once the herd knows who the new leader is Shy won't feel the need to tell them quite so much.

    1. Shy needs to not be so mean! It is not like her. . .but I guess she really wants to make sure she eats!

  2. Yikes Shy! It sounds like you can kick like a..... mule ;-)

  3. Lmao! Hilarious post but sorry for Rainy. (I bet you get some interesting traffic from the term "v*gin* kicker") ;D

    1. Rainy will be fine. . .she is the kicker in the group, so I am sure she was not completely innocent. I am going to have to look into the analytics to see! Haha!

  4. Replies
    1. I know! My sweet baby, a bully! I do not want her to be, but I can't really stop it. Hopefully in a week or two the herd will settle.

  5. Bad, bad girl!
    I have a visiting mare in pasture who says she'd like to take Shy on! She is the boss of the other mares and the gelding (all the visiting Black Beasties). No one... and I mean no one... stands their ground around her. She pushes everyone around!

  6. Well, a lot of people threaten to vagina punch other girls. Your girl actually does it. Wish I could when I wanted to, but I'd go to jail or something.

    I'm dying to know...what's going on tomorrow that Shy doesn't know about?

  7. Can't wait to see what you're up to tomorrow.
    I'm very sorry for poor Rainy Day too... it's soooo embarassing when horses behave like horses but totally let their owners down while doing so. Hope the herd settles into Peace and Quiet soon.

    1. Yes, it is embarrassing and there is nothing I can do about it. I can't control the action of my horse 24/7. I hope the herd settles quick. Shy is not totally unscathed in all this herd nonsense either.


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