Wednesday, April 3, 2013

who's the boss?

Farewell Lukas! Shyloh's new love interest has left the herd to be closer to his mom. Smart Shy, we have already discovered, tends to partner with a dominant horse. Jesse was first and he left not too long ago. Lukas was her next partner. They made a cute Haflinger team. 
He loved to mess with me and follow me around
I have to wonder exactly what Shy did to win Lukas over, because at first he wanted nothing to do with her. I guess I will never know, but Shy worked her charm and they became good buddies in the pasture.

Now I am very intrigued to see who will become top horse. 

Will it be Rainy Day? Or Tony the donkey?

Prince the Arab?

Dancer the Paint?

Or will Shy prevail and be little boss mare?
She doesn't think she is little!
I have a pretty good idea since three people have come up to me today to let me know. . .two are the daily feeders and one is the barn owner. 
No other horses can get near the gate when feeding time is near
They all say that little Shy, sweet little, Shy, is now running the herd. She has filled Lukas' bug hooves and thinks she is top mare. Ha! It really is a sight to see. 

I love watching her. She is not mean, never running horses down, biting, or kicking (that I have seen). She just seems to have this air about her. Swish the ears back, show them her butt, and they move out. The more I watch her, the bolder she gets. 

I have seen her moving Rainy Day and Prince, just because she could. She would nap. . .
then decide horses needed to move around. Then go back to napping. 
Sleepy girl likes to nap in the sun
It is strange that the only horse she will run from is Dancer, yet Dancer will run from all the other horses. Shy moves Prince, but Prince gets into it with the other horses. Tony is a little bit different, since he is not a horse, but Shy lets him know that she will not take any crap from him. Herd dynamics are so interesting! But Shy is quickly securing her spot at the top. Hey. . nothing comes between her and her food!

Shy is in no hurry to let the other horses think she is top. When I put her back in the herd, she respectfully waits until I take her halter off and move out of the way before she begins being bossy. So as long as she doesn't try to be my boss, then Go Shy!!


  1. I loved seeing the corral line up.Smart girl Shy.

  2. Dancer is getting shy to do the dirty work....I have seen this before lol

  3. Omg, that donkey is precious! Go Shy for moving up the herd.

    1. Tony is the sweetest! I never thought my sweet little mare would make it. Let's see if she stays on top.

  4. OMG I missed all your drama when I was in tuscany with no internet. Poor you! Glad you managed to have a good weekend all the same & extra-glad that Shy seems none the worse for her adventure.

    1. I thought it was the worst thing to happen ever at the time, but a couple good things managed to come out of it, which I am excited to blog about after it happens :)

  5. Yay Shy! She's the cutest little Alpha mare.

    1. Shhh. . . don't tell her she is little. She seems not to know that! :)

  6. Allie, with a little modification, you could almost put that second to the last paragraph to music. Call it "Herd Dynamics". Although, people would probably think it's some kind of analogy for human behavior.

    Now Shy has a kingdom to rule. Thus far, she has been a wise leader.

  7. Camryn is soooooo proud of you Shy! She says "you go gurl"

    1. Hehehe! This is one step in Haflingers take over the world!


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