Sunday, April 15, 2012

the bath

Today started out gloomy and rainy, but ended up pretty sunny and 70 degrees! I made the executive decision to give Shyloh a bath. She needed it. Bad.
No Allie, no bath! Puh-puh-puh-please no!
I got my shampoo, conditioner, whitening shampoo, and new Healthy Hair Care Hair Moisturizer (from Equine Affaire). I washed Shy down and soaped her up. Lucky for me, Shy is really good with getting a bath.
Even if she does not look too happy about it. . .
After her bath, I took her in the sun to dry, put some coconut oil of her hooves (they are dry and have been chipping), and picked out her feet. Shy was gobbling grass like she hasn't eaten in three weeks, so I went to grab her muzzle.

My mistake. . .she saw that muzzle and took off running! Oops. . .and she had the lead road still attached to her. Thankfully, she ended up in a pasture. Sadly, it was a large pasture. Unfortunately (for me), she rolled in grass, then in dirt as soon as she could. I can't keep a clean pony for ten minutes! Dangerously, she galloped and bucked her way to the very end of the pasture, lead rope trailing along. Gratefully, she did not step on it and hurt herself. Normally, I would have just left her in there, but that dangling lead rope forced me to get her.

Shy did not want to be caught. She was having way too much fun eat dandelions (her new favorite snack!) and running from me. I picked a dandelion to try to catch her and she looked at me like, b!tch please, I can get my own dandelions, then bent down, ate one, and took off again.

Good thing sugar free peppermints trump dandelions! I finally caught her and got her cleaned up again.Whew. I guess that is my welcome back from Shyloh!
Pretty and shiny!


  1. She looks beautiful!
    I cracked up when you described her running off - only 'cause Pippin did the same thing, sort of, with me today! When I went to bring them in from pasture I had the halter on him and had flung the rope over his back while I went to halter Doc. Doc took off, so, you-know-who took off with him. Pippin kept bucking and kicking because the rope was tickling him. It all kinda tickled me, even though it was windy, damp and 38 out!

  2. Camryn here: Mmmmm, I love, love, love dandelions. Mom picks em for me on her way back to the barn. My "hi Mom nicker" is much louder when I know she's got some for me.

    1. I like that Shy likes dandelions! They are free, haha!

  3. Pshhh she didn't even look very dirty if dirty at all in the first picture. Bad Shyloh for running away. Thankfully she didn't get hurt.

    1. She was not noticeably dirty, but when I patted her anywhere, clouds of dust came up!

  4. She does clean up nice. Even if she was naughty.

  5. Oh Shy!! She sure caught on to the muzzle thing quick lol. I guess next time she will have to walk to the barn with you to get it lol.


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