Sunday, April 8, 2012

more muzzle misery

Shyloh has accepted the grazing muzzle! Since I was working at the barn today, I decided to put it on her and turn her out in a pasture with more grass than her current pasture. That way I could keep an eye on her to too if  she gets the thing off. 
Shy's initial reaction today was not as severe as it was with the first two muzzle attempts. She still tried to get it off, but it seemed half-hearted. Almost like she would not be a true horse if she did not at least try to remove the muzzle. But, before long. . .Success! It stayed on and she discovered that she could get some grass through the little hole. 

While Shy was experiencing continued torment from the muzzle, Cooper refused to leave my car! I brought Cooper to the barn and this silly dog wanted to sit in the car the whole time! So strange. . .he loved going to the barn with me in the fall. 
Making sure he doesn't get left behind?
Before I even got Shy outside, I noticed another gash on her head. Shy keeps hitting her head on something in her stall and I cannot figure out what it is! It is the same spot right above her eye, every time.
I looked everywhere and the only thing I can figure is the bars that hold her water bucket in on the door part of her stall. But those are so low to the ground, so I don't know. . .Anyway, I put some duct tape on the edges and hopefully that helps. As for Shy, I sprayed her cut silver to keep the dirt and bugs out.
All better! And shiny!
After I mucked all the stalls, I tacked Shy up and did some in hand dressage work outside. We worked on bending and backing up. She is getting pretty good, in my mind! 

Three more days to Equine Affaire!! 


  1. So, the video was just over 2 minutes in length. I'm thinking that Shy is one smart girl!!

  2. Such a good girl. Hope the cut heals quick tho. Mom always puts bacon grease on pippiscuts so the hair doesn't grow back white. Just a suggestion tho.

    1. I have used MTG and it smells like bacon, haha! She has cut her head in the same exact spot 3 or 4 times and it has not grown back white yet.

  3. Poor Shy! I hope the water bucket was the problem and that the duct tape helps. It must be so frustrating to not know what is causing the cuts.

    That video is so cute! I'm glad she's finally figuring it out. She is looking so good. Such a pretty girl!


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