Friday, June 15, 2012

hobby horse blog hop #17

Here are the rules:
Answer one or all of the prompts. Link back to Living a Dream's post. Visit other blogs. And don't forget to ask a question of everyone else!
1. What is the ideal trailer for you.
Good question. I have not really thought about it because the thing that scares me the most about a trailer is pulling it! I guess  I would like something small. Maybe a two horse slant with a tack area. And a front door for an exit. Then I guess I would need a truck to pull it, especially if I got a cart, because I would put the cart in the truck. My Mariner won't do for this trailer I don't have, haha!

2. Do you use shipping boots, a padded halter, a head bumper or other protective equipment for your horse when trailering?
Bad me. . .I use none of the above. I have been extremely lucky and Shy just walks on the trailer and stand there until it is time to unload. So far, she has come out of all her trailer rides unscathed. 

3. What item(s) do you always carry in your trailer, or recommend that other's carry?
I would always recommend hay, a quick release trailer tie, and a muck rake. The things I have been taking with me to the shows are a cooler with drinks for us, my tack (harness, saddle, bridles, helmet), sugar free treats, and grooming supplies (brush, hoof pick). If I went anywhere without Jaime and Kyle (who bring everything else!) I would add buckets. Not sure what else I need at this point. Probably a lot more!

My question: What is the most fun place that you have trailered your horse to?


  1. I'd have to say my most fun place to go was fox hunting. Of course, I was young and fearless (stupid?) and the freedom of galloping and jumping with a bunch of horses was thrilling. Now the idea scares me!
    I think taking the horses to a beach would have been great fun, too.

  2. I think a horse trailer is like a woman's purse: we'll fill it with as much as it will hold. I keep adding more and more.

    Good question. I've hauled Misty to the vet, riding arenas, clinics, and trail rides. The most fun places have been a couple of mountain trail rides that were particularly beautiful, rewarding, and good confidence builders.

  3. I put a bale of hay in the trailer when I first took the boys someplace. I rarely used it and it made my trailer into a mess. Its probably a good idea to have it, just in case we get stuck someplace. If I was going for a day event I did carry hay nets.
    I've seen some people with a hay bale cover/case. I scoffed at that. Maybe it's not such a bad idea!

  4. it's like you had a much more fantastic weekend than my own, personal! ' ha, my partner and i expended this studying pertaining to finals. ughhh.
    wonderful weblog, incidentally!

  5. My favorite place I ever hauled Chrome was home!!! That was the most awesome day ever. :D Considering the only other place I've taken him is the vet it's a no brainer lol. I hope to remedy that eventually hehe.


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