Tuesday, June 19, 2012

it's hot!

It is way too hot for not even being officially summer yet! Too hot to do work today. It is one of those stifling, non breezy, humid hots. 

I had really wanted to do some line driving with Shyloh. We did some practice the other day and it went really well. I am working on keeping contact with her as we walk, which is hard because Shy tends to slow down and I keep going at the same speed. When she loses the contact, she thinks she is a free pony and able to go whichever way she wants. 

The goal is to push her into the contact. . .harder to do on the ground than while riding her. Beth suggested lunging her on long lines. I did and it worked! After we did some lunging, I took Shy in some patterns around the arena, concentrating on keeping the contact on Shy. We did serpentines, figure eights, and circles in the corners in all directions. I was very satisfied with what we accomplished. 

Shy even had foamy mouth when we got done!

Today, it was over 90 degrees! So I took Shy for a little walk around the property. We checked out the napping cat. . .
Bubba loves this chair!
. . .and the pond. . .

The reeds and cat tails are so high! And tasty, according to Shy!
. . .got some grass. . .
No small bites for this dainty lady
. . .and practiced our new trick. 
Say cheese!
Word in the barn is that Shy has started "smiling" at people that walk by. . .looking for a treat!

Then I hosed Shy down to cool her off. I am not sure if she really minds the heat too much. She has a fan on her stall, but she never stands in front of it like the other horses do with their fans. Shy prefers her window. Hopefully it cools down a little bit so we can do some work this week! It is not looking too good with us going to the show if the heat keeps up. The trailer ride, no shelter, and long hours are very hard on the horses when it is so hot. 


  1. Love her smiles. Great trick! Adorable Shy!

  2. It's been hot here, too. I think it was over 100 in Denver. But, we only have about 10% humidity. That makes a huge difference!
    Your driving work sounds like you are making great progress!

  3. I knew she would love the smile trick! Chrome is that way too. :D

    Good job on the ground driving! I can't wait to start working with Chrome on it. I wish I had an arena!


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