Thursday, June 14, 2012

line driving obstacle course

I did a line driving obstacle course with Shyloh today. I also worked on keeping contact with her as we did our line driving. I am undecided with how our little session went. . .

The key:
1. Poles
2. Hula Hoop. I stand in the hoop and have Shy circle around me without stepping out of it. We did both ways.
3. Tarp with a board on it.
4. Cones. Weave through them forward and backwards.
5. Barrels. Narrow space, go through them.
6. Alleyway with poles.
7. Cones. Figure Eight.

Usually, when I work with Shy, I am able to pick out at least one improvement or good thing that happened. While I can say that Shy went through my course really well, I am still a little disappointed. I felt she, me, we could have done better. 
Why me?
Shy conquered all of the obstacles with ease except for the tarp and board. This is the same obstacle she refused at the show. She does not have a problem with the tarp, it is the board. And she does not have a problem being led over either, but she won't do the obstacle being line driven. And yes, I did have a whip. Not much use, except for moving her sideways at lightening speed. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time on this. . .
Almost there. . .
We did it!
I know what I should have done. I really should have got my clicker out and did some training that way. But I didn't and I am a kind of upset with myself over this. 

Eh. . .I am not sure what is up with Shy this week. She just not seem to be wanting to do work. I am going to have to keep working on this for the next show.

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  1. Hey you already have the solution! Clicker training! Don't beat yourself up. We all get caught up in the moment and forget to stop and think. It isn't that big of a deal. Horses don't dwell on things like we do. They live in the moment. We just have to practice doing the same. :)


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