Monday, July 2, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #44

The "Catch Me If You Can" game is so much fun! Especially since I know Allie can't catch me by speed. We played the game the other day when she wanted to put my fly mask on me. 

Allie: Shyloh, come here!
I'm rollin' over here. Leave me alone!
Allie: You need this mask so the flies stay out of your eyes. And spray, too!
Nooooooo! I don't want it!
Allie: Get over here now!
Never! I must run! You will never catch me!
Allie: Look, I have the mask on, it's not bad at all. . .
Crazy lady! You look like an alien. I hope I don't look like that in my mask!
Allie: Dammit Shy, it is too hot to be chasing you!
If you run, there is a nice cool breeze. Keep running Allie, moo hahaha!
Allie: Want a clover?
Nope. Got all the clover I want right here. Try something I can't get in this field.
Allie: Stop running from me! Why won't you behave? 
The mask is just a guise! You probably really want to give me another bath or make me work or something equally as evil!
Allie (panting heavily): Pleeeease!
Wheeeeee! Running is fun! Watching you try to catch me is more fun!
Allie (dripping sweat and waving hands wildly): Why? It has been almost a year and you still won't let me catch you without food! You are one frustrating pony!
So, did I let her catch me? I'll never tell. . .


  1. LOL Oh, I've been there. Those stubborn little ponies! Just imagine having TWO of them - they gang up on us two-legged, speed compromised beings!

  2. Replies
    1. Right. I am almost tempted to leave her the way she is, but then I feel bad when I see the flies bothering her.

  3. Looks like lotsa fun to me! Mmmmm, Mom's been complaining about her weight, maybe I should jog her a bit too>

    1. You can try Camryn, but it usually makes for a mad human, haha

  4. Shy, that is just naughty. Especially when you equines stay just out of reach, then burst away from us just when we get close. We only have your best intentions in mind....even though there is a halter or a fly mask in hand. You are a clever one Shy.

    1. That is her M.O. eat grass until I can almost touch her, then fly off.


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