Monday, July 30, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #48

Not much to report on the Haflinger front. Just a little Haflinger mare recovering from her injuries. . . and I might be injured again (hee hee).

See, what happened was. . .me and Robbie are pasture buddies now. And with him being a pony and me being an awesome haffie, we are on restricted pasture. That means no pond pasture with tons of grass and the rest of my herd. But I do get to hang out with Robbie, so it's all good!
We graze this way. . .
Then we graze that way. . .
And we graze this way . . .
Anyway. . .we were out grazing and Robbie was following me all over the pasture like a little lost puppy. I did not mind at all. We were just grazing teeny tiny pieces of grass and before I knew it, Robbie got a little to close to Ryleigh for my liking. I like to keep my geldings separated. . . So I told Robbie to get away and he did not listen. Then I TOLD Robbie to get away, meaning I turned my butt to him and started bucking. Well, Robbie just bucked right back at me. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for Beth) my aim is awful and I missed every kick. Robbie missed, too, except he did graze my leg and took some skin with one kick. 
I had to circle it, just in case you couldn't see. . .ouchies!
It is not too bad, but I'll probably be down for the count and lame and unrideable for a while. Right? Just because I rather enjoy doing nothing.



  1. It looks like Robbie is just a copy-cat!

  2. Oh, poor Shy. You should get to rest for a week at least.

  3. I agree with 4RR, poor baby needs at least a week off.

  4. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ryleigh is walkin' on sunshine at Shy's little display of ownership! :)

  5. Yes, I am sure Shy is thinking she needs at least 2 weeks off, LOL LOL LOL. I hope it heals fast for you!

  6. So how much did you pay him to give you a kick for time off?


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