Sunday, July 22, 2012

shyloh's birth-iversary

Today marks the one year anniversary that Shyloh has been home with me! I am also using this day to celebrate her unbirthday, since I don't know when her real birthday is. So today, Shy turns 6! All this weeks posts have lead up to today, where we can just have fun!
Wow. To see how far we have come since the day Shy stepped off the trailer is amazing! 

To start, I gave Shy a bath so she would be all pretty and clean. Quite possibly this was not her favorite part of the day. . .but we made it through. Grazing in the sun until dry is a big incentive to being good for bath time. After she was all dry, I put her in her stall for a party favor photo shoot.

Then I gave Shy her  birth-iversary pie! Looks delicious, right. . .
It is all her favorites, soaked Timothy pellets, banana, blueberry, dried peas, and a half carrot and five mini candy canes (total of six "candles"). Shy gobbled it right up!
After our little celebration, I sent Shy back off with her herd. That is where she likes to be best. I think she had a good day and a good year! Of course, she starts with a head toss, gets in a little roll, then wanders around the pasture making sure everything is just as she left it.

Thanks to everyone who reads for sticking through our first year together!!


  1. Happy, Happy, Hafy Birthday to you Shy. How exciting a whole year AND an Unbirthday all at once. Love your hat, Mom had tried to find one for my birthday but, came up empty. I'm so happy for you, you coulda shared some cake though!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who puts a hat on for birthdays(: HappyBirthdayShyloh!

  3. Happy birthday and many more. What a good sport with the hat!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does birthday hats too! Everyone (non-horsey people) laugh at me over that one.

    Happy birth-aversary Shyloh!! You've had such an amazing year and I've really enjoyed following along for the fun. :D


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