Monday, December 10, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #66

Jessie my hero!

He clears away the other horses when Allie comes to get me. He waits for me at the gate while I am out. And he gives me encouraging nickers when he sees me working. Jessie sticks up for me and makes a space under the run in for me when it's raining. What a guy!

And Marshall. . .trying to get a sneak peek at me as I walk by. . .It just seems like I have this effect on the geldings where ever I go! Haflingers are hot stuff!
Next week, I'll share my Christmas wish list!



  1. Omg! Is that horse sticking his head out of a hole in his siding? Is he a mini? Thats sooo funny! Im amazed he hasn't hurt himself!

  2. Yup. That is the hole for feed. It's edges are not sharp or anything. And he is not a mini, he is the same size as Shy!

  3. OK, that pic is face glory hole.

  4. Marshall cracked Mom up so much she almost peed her pants!!! I can see how you have such an affect on the boys :) Guys like us gals with junk in the trunk for sure.

  5. Marshall is too cute. I would have fallen over laughing. He wanted to see what was going on. We had a lab who chewed through a wall in the garage to peek her head out.

    I love it when horses buddy up. Bre had a best friend in her last herd. They went every where together. That mare was a loner before and has been one since. I wish they could be together again. Bre has a new boyfriend who is crazy for her. I think he would colic to death if we ever took her away. Bre on the other hand loves every one is is perfectly fine when he leaves.

    1. She seems to have this thing where other horses are attracted to her. She seems to care less about most of them though.


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