Saturday, December 29, 2012

snowy line driving

Today I took the plunge. . .

I attached the tire to Shyloh and then I did some line driving. Who replaced my jumpy horse with this calm tire pulling champion? I even got some video!
Did you see that first step off? Total calmness. No quick steps, no anxiety. Just step off and pull the tire. The video didn't capture the little bit of trotting we did or the little spook Shy did. It was just a small jump, but it had a quick recovery. 

I think the snow helps a lot. It has this aspect to it that does not make a gravel noise. But this is a good thing because I can get a lot of line driving under Shy's belt and build her confidence and mine. 

After our session, Shy got a hay snack from Dancer's owner. She deserved it!



  1. Girl, you have got to get some warmer clothes! I'm freezing just watching you out there in a sweatshirt.

    Shy's coming along beautifully and you both look so good (but cold) out there in the snow.

  2. Wow, how wonderful was that!? You have been so dedicated to putting in all the time on the ever important ground work. When do you get to stand on the tire? Isn't it tempting?

    1. I was so tempted to get out the sled and have a go! But I don't know if she is quite ready for that and I don't want to put us back. But so tempted!!

  3. Bravo, bravo to you both. Shoot just sit on the tire, don't need a sled! Though you might want to extend it further back perhaps LOL

    1. If I sat on the tire, I would have a cold butt from all the snow it collects!

  4. YEAH! Shy .... way to go! She had such a gorgeous little step off. She's really coming along there.

    Just as well you haven't got the cart yet. With all that snow, it wouldn't go, LOL.


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