Friday, December 7, 2012

saddle modeling

I wish I wrote a blog about work because I would be ranting! I am so mad at work this week, but I won't bore anyone with that. All I will say is work kept me from seeing Shyloh all week. And when I go to work in the dark hours and leave work in the dark hours, it makes me unhappy.

Anyway, I had two saddle burning a hole in my backseat, just waiting to be tried on Shy. Jaime let me borrow them to try for fit. Honestly, I was doubtful that the saddles that fit her giant drafts would fit Shy. One saddle was a square skirt Big Horn. This saddle has fit every horse it has been on from Jaime's drafts to Tennessee Walkers. The other saddle was a round skirt Abetta that Kyle uses on Clutch. 

I told Jaime that I would try them on Shy outside so there would be no chance of Shy walking out the tack stall and breaking a saddle. Well. . .it was raining so I took precautions against Shy's destructive behaviors.
She is not getting out of this!
Here is Shy modeling the Big Horn (my apologies in advance for the crappy lighting inside):

I think this saddle fits decent at the withers, maybe a bit wide. But is definitely too long, which I knew it would be. 

The modeling of the Abetta:

This saddle is much wider at the withers and through to the back. It seems longer than the previous round skirt that saddle that Shy destroyed, but looking back at the pictures, I think the saddle is too far back. 

So a no go on these saddles. Any opinions? But it reaffirms what I need for her: a round skirt, full quarter horse bars or medium wide to wide tree. But I am in no hurry for a saddle, because I think I found a cart!!

After Shy's modeling spree, we just hung out in the tack stall. Shy was in a playful mood. . .
What is in here?
I am still kicking myself because I accidentally brought my clicker home and Shy was giving me all kinds of great behaviors. I got the Jolly Ball out and we played. Then twice, Shy dropped it in the recycling box. Kick, kick, kicking myself!! I have tried to get her to play "basketball" in the past with no luck! And now she did it twice on her own and I had no clicker! Oh well. . .we just goofed around then I took her back to her herd.

I am grateful Shy is not a mud roller! She doesn't seem to mind the rain though, none of the horses do. Even with the option of the shelter, no horse was under it. I hope the rain stops tomorrow. I really want to work on some line driving. Any header volunteers?


  1. Bummer both saddles are to long. The Abetta looks like it would have no wither clearance once you sat in it as well.
    Wonder if Shy and Camryn had been talking basketball in secret?

    1. Some more clarification from Jaime after I wrote this. . .the Abetta has a wide tree and the Big Horn has FQ bars. I think the Abetta was sitting too far back. And the back of the saddle was super wide.
      When I get Shy as good as Camryn on basketball, they should go one on one, haha!

  2. Saddles have always been a pain in the patootie to fit. Mitch and I went through about 7 or 8 (if we're counting the saddle that ultimately did fit) saddles with varying results. Heck, I even tried treeless for a bit, thinking it was the way to go. Who'd ever have though that the QH wade roper that was sitting in my friend's living room would fit him best.

    Lordee, those things are pricey though.

    Neither saddle looks like a go. Mitch wore an Abetta for a while. The whole first year I had him, but Shy's not as big as he is. The Big Horn is ... just no.

    Sucks about the rain, but plz to be keeping it or at least sending it on to New England. It's dry dry dry here, and we need moar dry dry dry to get rid of the mud.

    Mmm, carty goodness.

    1. I'm thinking a barrel saddle might be worth a try. It's still raining. . .

  3. I'm glad you have found a cart and you're right, neither saddle fit. I've been told by Estes' chiropractor to fit saddles without a pad. You can run your hand between the saddle and the horse to feel the fit, to make sure that the weight is distributed evenly.

  4. Nope... they don't fit. I agree with GunDiva... try the saddle without a pad, so you can really see how it sits on her back. It is frustrating. I went through so many saddles... and so many disappointments, until I found one that would fit. Shyloh seems to be built like Pippin. He actually had withers... unlike so many other Haffies I know. You will eventually find the perfect fit!

  5. I'm interested in seeing how Western saddles fit. You seem to be looking at the same issues as I see with English saddles.
    Looking forward to the cart!

  6. Fitting a short-backed horse is challenging. We have a very short-backed horse which is used for lessons. The only saddle (English) that fits him is the shortest saddle I have seen and does not fit all human bottoms!

    The seat on Western saddles is farther back than dressage saddles. I think that you might have better luck with something like a trail saddle. You need a saddle that is not going to put the riders weight on her loins, which both of those Western saddles are threatening to do. Or you could just go dressage!

    1. I feel I could not keep my seat in a dressage saddle, especially if she decided to to her scoot!

    2. But Haflingers make lovely dressage horses!

      Improving the rider's seat is a lifelong endeavor, but well worth it no matter the discipline. The Western saddle may just be giving you a false sense of security. I do not think that tack makes all that much difference. ;)

    3. Shy did really well when she was learning some basics in dressage. And yes, the western saddle does give me that false sense of security :)
      Perhaps after I get some miles and hours riding her I could try English.

    4. I've been riding bareback for years, yet I don't feel secure in an English or Dressage saddle, which is funny. But I completely understand the sense of security a Western saddle gives. There's just so much substance and security.

  7. I would try several dressage saddles and play with stirrup length. I am not comfortable in western saddles but some english saddles make me feel really unstable. I feel much more stable english. There is a sweet spot where you get your stirrups a length that locks your legs in place. You might have gotten a saddle that was made for someone with legs different than yours. If i had my stirrups one hole too long in my close contact my legs would swing all over.


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