Monday, February 4, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #74

What Haflinger can leap recycling bins in a single bound? Who can leap through doorways from a stand still?

Super Haflinger! That's me! This contraption that Allie set up no longer hold me. After three successful escapes from it, you would think Allie would find something new. But then again, Allie is not as smart as me. 
I can leap that!
The first time, I just plowed through the trash can and recycling bin. The second time, I stepped into the recycling bin on my way out. And the third time, I leaped over the recylcing bin without a running start. There was hay in the snow that desperately needed to be eaten by me! While my escapes are short, I still have fun. And watching Allie chase me around is a bonus!

Now that I am a leaper. . .

Leap Jaime and Notch!
Leap the RenCen in Detroit!

Leap dinosaur bushes!

I wonder what else I could leap?  With the power of the leap, I have discovered freedom!  And leaping expends much more energy than I am used to spending, but I do enjoy myself. Even if it is short lived.



  1. HAAA, HAAAA, love it. You are nothing short of amazing. Well, you are short, but still amazing!

  2. Wow Shyloh! If leaping were an Olympic sport, you'd win the gold.

    1. Yes! And leaping is so different from jumping. It requires no form, no rider, and there is often a food source that you are leaping after. Win all around!

  3. lol you are very leapy! The question is, what couldnt you leap?

  4. Wow Shy, you are so clever! We would like to be able to leap like that, maybe you could teach us? We minis tend to crawl under stuff, Dragon just ploughs on through! Carry on being SuperShy!

    1. Haha! Shy has tried her fair share of crawling under things and plowing through things. This leaping is new!


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