Monday, February 11, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #75

The sun was shining this weekend and I was feeling frisky! Allie pimped me out again for some sled rides. I didn't mind too much, like I said, I was feeling frisky!
Tryin' to hide
I took two little kids on  rides and boy do they not have any balance. They could't stay in the sled! I had to keep stopping so they could get back in.  They kept yelling faster and faster!! and this is awesome!! so I was trotting faster and faster then, bam! They would topple. But it was all in good fun.
Then I took a big kid for a ride. I guess she works with Allie or something and she brought the little kids. She has fun too! I got to trot lots, but kept getting distracted and stopping. There was a lot going on around me and since I can only see a little bit with my blinders on, I had to stop to take it all in. It wasn't scary or anything, I was just being nosy. 

s you can see, Allie barely touched me to keep my trot up, but my butt was feeling super sensitive that day. I have a fickle butt, sometimes barely a tap will send me flying other times nothing will get me to move. Ha!

I am hopeful that the temperatures continue to climb and the sun keeps shining. Plus. . .if the snow melts, I don't have to give sled rides! But then I have to deal with mud.

Allie took my tail out. . .look how long and lovely it is! Back up it went, cause I kept stepping on it. Now if only my gorgeous forelock would grow longer instead of thicker, I would be the most beauticious horse around!



  1. Haha, sounds like those kids were having one heck of a time!

  2. haha i love this sounds like everyone was having an amazing time!

  3. That tail is awesome Shy - very beautiful! Oh the hard life of a carting pony - sounds perfect :-)


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