Tuesday, February 12, 2013

winner winner

. . .chicken dinner!

We won something!! Shyloh's horse shaming was the randomly selected winner at Kate's blog. We did not win by popular vote, but, hey, we won! I have to say, there are some pretty bad horses out there! Take a look at some of the entries. . .I am glad Shy just has a bit of an attitude. Kate is going to do a watercolor portrait of Shy. I am so excited!!

As for Shy, I went to see her today and oooh was she being a sass. Just attitude! I wanted to see her without doing any cart work today. I am trying to work on a new trick with her. I saw a Haflinger do it last year at Equine Affaire and I just remembered it over the weekend. I am not entirely sure Shy gets what I am clicking for yet. The trick involves fine motor movements, so it is hard and I have to time my click just right. We will get it, it will just take us longer than any of the other tricks we have done. 

Take a look at this sassy pants with her poof ball forelock:
Troll hair!
like a boss. . 
Keep that tongue in your mouth missy!
nom nom


  1. How exciting a watercolor of yourself! My Mom can't do watercolors good, they are very difficult to do. You and I should do a contest on which of us has the most Kramer like forelock!!!

  2. What a fun prize! So.... I can't wait to see what the trick is! Something with her tongue... or was that just coincidence?

  3. Wow, congrats, so cool!!! I love the poof ball forelock!!

  4. Congratulations, I hope we get to see pictures of the prize :P, I also can't wait to see the trick, Shyloh is just so cute :D


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