Friday, March 1, 2013

herd changes

Sassy pony got that buck out that she was holding in during yesterday's lunging session. It was only cute because I was not on her back. And Shyloh was going going going again today. I have to believe that it is because she is not moving as much as she normally does. Yesterday the pasture was a flood, today it is ice. And for some reason all the horses choose to stay in the flooded/icy part instead of the higher ground that is not flooded or icy. I will never understand that. . .
Look at that eye. . .she was interested in something outside
I am predicting a change in herd dynamics. . . Jesse moved to a new barn and Zanna is off for training for an unknown length of time. Jesse was Shy's best pony bud, but she doesn't seem to be missing him. He could be a bit of a bully to other horses, but was always nice to Shy. Zanna is a sweet, pretty mare. I will miss her. She was near the bottom of the herd hierarchy and Shy could move her off of food by pinning her ears.
Tony grabbed the lead rope
I am curious to see what happens with the dynamics. Just today, I saw Shy stepping up her game. Shy  was pinning her ears at Lukas (who is the boss, as in he runs all the others off the food) and even nipped at him. Although he didn't run away, he did back down a little and did not retaliate. Then Shy went after Tony the donkey when he got in her space. Movin' on up? Other boarders say Lukas was at the bottom when he first came and he made his way to the top. So, maybe Shy does have ambitions to be boss mare.
"Get away Lukas, those that's my treat lady!"
I am going to watching this situation unfold. . . and I have no idea if or when any new horses will arrive. Interesting!
Maybe they will be buddies now


  1. Aww, it is sad to see horses go but maybe there will be some interesting changes coming. Always love reading your blog Alli :)

  2. Hi You!
    Changes, Changes...Mine Is wary Of Changes..Taking It Personal.

    Shy Seems To Have Gotten Some More GumptionI. It Is Very Interesting.
    SaD You Lost Friends, But Maybe Even Better Ones Will Move In, Lending New Insight And Different Qualities

    1. Definitely wondering how this herd is going to change and where Shy will fit in.

  3. You go gurl. Being boss mare is you're destiny :)


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