Monday, March 25, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #81

Allie has been reading again. She reads this stuff on the inter web and then comes to tell me all about it. I try to tell her that if it doesn't have to do with hay or carrots, I am not really interested. But she just babbles on and on. . .

Her latest read had been on whorls. A whorl is the bit of hair on my face that grows out in a circular fashion. Every horse has their own whorl pattern and placement, some even have more than one whorl! According to the recent things Allie has been reading, the placement of the whorl may indicate horse temperament. Allie said she doesn't put much stock into that, but she is interested none the less. Here is what she has been reading:

Here is me:
I am a sexxy beast!
I am sporting my 80s hair do. I just need to rock some neon and have a Poison song as my theme and I am good to go!
See the resemblance?
Talk dirty to me. . .
Anyway, see my whorl? Higher whorls or more than one whorl may mean a more nervous animal and lower whorls generally mean a calmer animal. To test whorl placement you draw a line from the top of the eyes like so:
You wanted to see my poof forelock again
My whorl is pretty even with my eyes, starting like a centimeter below the line. According to the articles  I should be a "more even tempered animal with just enough spirit"  but my whorl is placed a teeny tiny bit lower, so I may appear lazy. 

Allie says that this is mostly true. When Allie is next to me on the ground, I am fine. It is when she rides or drives that I get a bit more high strung. Allie really needs to prove herself to me, then I will relax and let her have more control. 

So, horses, donkeys, and mules of the inter web. . .I am interested to hear what your whorl patterns say about you. Do these articles have any truth to them? Where is your whorl and how does it reflect on your temperament?
Tell me all about your whorl!


  1. wow! Interesting! I've heard about the claim that horses with a whorl on their neck are meant to be very smart/special horses. Pony has one right behind her ear, I wonder what that means!

    I LOVE the poof. We use to tuck Liams (halfie) forelock back and under his bridle, looked like elvis. HIm and shy would be a perfect match!

    1. Cute! I wish Shy had the long forelock, but she has been given thickness. Massive thickness.

  2. Shyloh - you're perfect no matter what your hair does. :D

    Interesting... I didn't realize that Temple Grandin also studied the whorls. Val has one well above his eyes and on either side of his poll just behind his ears... despite all that he's a pretty mellow guy. ;D

    1. Temple Grandin is pretty amazing. I used to work with kids with autism, so I really respect her.
      Glad that he is mellow, despite his whorl. Can't put too much stock in whorl patterns (like the chestnut mare myth), but interesting to read about all the same.

  3. I like that you're Mom equates your forelock with pretty ladies from the 80's. Mom compares mine to Kramer!!! Insult?
    Mom likes all that whorl stuff too. The one between my eyes is same or maybe tad lower than yours. She's never found any research regarding body whorls though. I have several of those, behind ear, under mane, on chest...We wonder what those mean? One of my friends has like 7 on his forhead!!! Mom'll try to get pix of that sometime.

    1. Haha! Kramer, that is funny!
      Shy has several body whorls, too. One on her crest, behind her ears, chest, hips.
      Seven! I would like to see that!

  4. Simon's whorl is in his star, slightly above his eyes. He also has one in his neck at the crest though.

    1. Shy has a big one on her crest, right under her mane. On her chest, she has a thick hair that grows (I call it a mane hair). Once she sheds out, I'll be able to find it again. Weird horse.

  5. Love the bouffant 80s look!
    I'd read about the whorl theory before, there's also some differentiation between "straight line whorl" a bit like Shy's, a lefty swirl and a right swirl. And then doubles as well of course. Can't remember all the ins & outs of it but it made for interesting reading.

    1. I am going to have to find that stuff. It is interesting to read about!


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