Monday, March 4, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #78

Ahhhh. . .I am so glad Allie got back to stretching me. I just love it so. . .even if I had to lunge first. Although the last few times I was not so ready to buck and go super fast. 
Back leg stretches. bringing it forward.
Reaching down into the stretch!
My favorite stretch! Tail pull!
Circles with the front legs.
I am such a spoiled pony. I got to spend some time in a heated barn and in a stall. I picked through the straw and ate all of Buddy's hay scraps (it was okay with his mom, she insisted), then Buddy's mom gave me a flake of hay all to myself! After that I got an apple, a hay cube, and I got to dunk my head in a bucket and take as many hay pellets as I could fit in my mouth. . .three times! All this, even after I accidentally knocked over Buddy's mom's hot chocolate. Sorry. . . But even so, Buddy's mom, Belle's mom, and Jose's mom spoiled me silly! Buddy's mom was even impressed that I didn't poop in his stall. Yay, I am good like that.

Is anyone else ready for the ice to melt, the puddles to be gone, and the sun to come out? I sure am! But I hear that more snow is on the way. I knew I was hanging on to my fuzz for a reason!



  1. See? Smart ponies hang on to their fuzzy coats until the snow is ALL gone

  2. Yup, I agree you're spoiled but, having worked as hard aas you have all winter you deserve it. One question about the heated barn. What is heat?

    1. Well, the heated barn is not all that warm, it just heats a little so the pipes don't freeze because that barn has a bathroom in it.
      Real horses don't need heat :)

  3. Oh Shiloh love that last photo ...handsome you are!


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