Monday, November 4, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #107

We got to spend yesterday in Ohio. I love Ohio because it has the best grass. But yesterday, there was no grass to be found. . .only cornstalks. But hey, cornstalks are just as good!
Reba kept doing this to me, but I was not budging!
Me and Reba went down there to be with the horses that do actual work. . . Belgians and Percherons and mules, and even some Haflingers! Silly, silly Haflingers. I did no actual work. . .just saying. . .
Working Percherons. . .
Working Belgians. . .
Working mules
Working Haflinger butts
Working Haflingers from the front
Lots of working mules!
More working
I did go round and round the fields though, walking the the plowed fields, watching the horses and mules work, and pretending to be a little scared. But I really wasn't all that scared. Well, scared that I was going to be hooked to a plow and made to work. . .but that's it. 
Walking in the plowed part.
Watching working horses from afar
Watching working horses from close up
Walking through the field
Reba made her debut with Terry driving. Terry is new to driving and Reba hasn't driven in years. It was like she never had a break! She did real good! Reba got hooked up, then drove past me when I was tied to the trailer and I faked acting scared until she passed. Then I smiled all around! I am so good at pretending to be scared to get out of work. Reba needs some lessons from me because when she got back to the trailer she was all sweaty from all that work.
Taking the kids for a ride
Terry's first time driving Reba in the fields

I think Reba really likes work though. To go down to Ohio, she hopped right on the trailer after me. But to go home. . .well, she didn't want to go home and gave the two leggers some trouble getting on the trailer. I tried to tell her that we get hay on the trailer (even though we didn't this time!) and hay back at home. Shy finally listened to me and got on though. She is too big to pick up to put on the trailer!

Terry and Haley had to pick up Freckles, the new Haflinger of Becky's, because he didn't want to get in the trailer to go home either. I guess he was having too much fun at Plow Days giving wagon rides with Stinky. So, Terry and Haley locked arms, scooped him under his butt, and lifted him up on the trailer. Now that is team work! 

At the end of the day was a log skid, which I took no part in at all. But it was fun to watch. I do enjoy a day on the farm, especially when I am not working it!



  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!(especially if you don't have to work)

    1. I can tell you it would have been easier for me if Shy was working. . .then I would have been riding on something instead of trying to keep up with her :)

  2. Such beautiful photos. I just love the "big guys!"

  3. Shy is pretty smart. Hang out, watch everyone else work. She's got a good deal going :)

  4. You're one smart gal getting to go and just watch :). Loved the pix, Mom specially liked the Belgians

  5. Great pics Shy! Looks like so much fun.... and some very fine ears on show :-)

  6. Wow, how cool!! Thanks for sharing these photos!


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