Monday, November 18, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #109

Allie's got some tricks up her sleeve again. . .

There I was, just happily munching my hay (which was brought to me late, by the way), when Allie done went crazy on me!

She actually hopped up on me! I thought my scoots had kept her off forever. Well, I was not pleased to be disturbed in such a fashion when eating my brunch (as we will call it, since it was clearly not breakfast). I popped my head up and stopped eating. And I stopped breathing. It took a minute for me to relax, but Allie's friend Haley, fed me some of my hay. And then I was finally able to breathe.

I was still un-nerved and not sure if I should be eating my brunch or not. I tried subtle ways to slip Allie off me. I cocked a hip and rested one foot so I was crooked. No go. . .so I did it to the other side. Allie was a-leaning, but she wasn't coming off. Boo. 

So I just decided to eat and ignore. It worked for me!

Allie hopped down and up a few times and I didn't even care anymore. She even got me to take a few steps forward then started saying she rode me bareback and bridleless. Ha! Haley just shook her head at this declaration. 

After this, I got to take a little boy on a trail ride with Allie leading him. I did so good, even in the wind and over the creek. Nothing bothered me at all and I even trotted with him. I was then his favorite horse of the whole herd! I do like being the favorite, it comes with more treats!



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