Sunday, November 24, 2013

relatively relaxing weekend

Fuzz butt!
If this a precursor of how cold our winter will be, I think I'll be moving soon. I can take the cold, just not the bitter wind! This weekend was definitely not as packed as my previous weekends, but we worked on getting the fencing up for the back pasture and just hanging with the ponies.
Dragging corner posts with tractors and four wheelers
I have been sitting bareback on Shyloh lately. Just sitting and not asking her to do anything. I figure that this is a way to get us both used to each other. I have not sat on her in a while and when I do, I tense up because tends to scoot. The scoots are a bit scary because I don't have the best balance and me and Shy go in the cycle of she is nervous so I am nervous so she is nervous. . .
Always ears back on me, waiting for me to ask  her something
The just sitting and not asking anything of her lets me relax and work on unfurling from a fetal position and lets her breathe and relax as well. Shy tends to hold her breath until she relaxes. The just sitting has been going really well. Shy relaxes much quicker and lets me hop right up without evading the bucket that I use. She actually has been doing really well, no spooks, even with crazy cats making all kinds of noises and wind howling at the barn. 
Smelling my Muck boot
Except for the other day. She kept stepping away from the bucket and I kept trying to get on. Finally, she stood, I almost hopped on and off she went! She didn't get far and I was hanging off the side of her until she stopped and I slid off. I reprimanded her and she looked at me, then put her ear to my chest. It was a strange gesture. I told Shy, hear that? You made my heart beat fast. She kept her head there for a minute before moving on with her life. Shy is not a touchy, lovable horse so it was an oddly moving moment. 
Aww, she can be sweet. . .
I did end up getting back on her and she was totally fine. I did a lot of moving around and wiggling, just to get her used to that. There was a time when the creak of the saddle would send her scooting forward. She is so much better now. I think we are ready to get to riding.
Not down with the idea of working
I put a Stall Snack up in her stall to keep her entertained when she gets done with her hay. She is only in there for a few hours overnight, but, I figured why not?
Mmmmm, peppermint
We hung out in the barn and Shy was very in my face looking for treats. It's nice to relax and not do anything. I stayed as long as I could before I decided it was time to go home and work on a paper for school that is due tomorrow. So glad this is a short week! More pony time!
Can hardly separate these two!
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  1. I like that you are just taking your time and letting you both get used to each other and the new situation. Time with horses makes all the difference in the world.

    1. Well. . .kinda embarrassing, but it is not new. I just stopped trying to ride after I fell a while back and we worked on driving. But that isn't really panning out, so I think it's time to get back to riding. I just have to overcome my fear of her quick scoots.

    2. Keep at it. I know you guys will figure it out. And even though it isn't "new" the fear from your previous fall is new and you need to work through it. Take the time you need!

  2. I often find it just as fun to just hang out with bonding time ,good for you :) And don't you just love the puffed up coats they get on really chilly days !

  3. So good that she's starting to trust you enough to be comfy with you on her back!

    It's shocking to hear that all Haffies are not loveable in-your-face types. I swear, every time I turn around, Paddington is breathing down my neck - I can't keep him off me! It's adorable, but 1200 lbs of Haffie up close and personal can be a bit much sometimes.

  4. I'm excited for more of your adventures atop Miss Shy.

    And omg her butt is SO FUZZY.

  5. I totally agree that the bonding time is awesome!

    PS I didn't know that horse boxes are different items to each person! How do they keep track of who got what?!

  6. Well done, you are getting there again, bit by bit.
    And Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your loooong weekend.


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