Sunday, December 15, 2013

deep freeze

We got our first snow storm of the season! I think we ended up getting eight inches by the time I left the barn. And that was the day we planned on lots of travelling. We drove slow and stayed safe. It took us forever to get anywhere and we did not have time for horse sledding. I am not upset though, there will be plenty more chances.
White pony!
Terry had never been to a local-ish tack store that we frequent for treats, grooming stuff, halters, and other things we may need. They specialize in English riding, so they also have a ton of stuff that 1. don't fit the giant drafts and 2. we will never use.
Dexter is covered with snow!
But Reba is trained in dressage and Terry wants to convert, so we thought to show her what she has been missing. The girls that work there are super nice and helpful, all riders themselves. 

Anyway, getting to the barn then getting to the tack shop and back took up a large chunk of our day. And we had somewhere to be at 6:00, which we barely made.
Frozen whiskers!
The horses were cute in the snow. They were having a blast, especially Isaac who though snow was the greatest thing on earth! He was picking on poor Clutch so much that Clutch had to hang out with Shy and the minions. 
Minions have so much hair that they can't feel their snow blankets
At one point, we opened the gate and let the horses mingle. All the drafts run into the minion pasture and Shy ran to the round bale. Then she ran around some more and Isaac and Notch started following her. She took a lap and went back to the round bale. Isaac started eating the snow off her back, it was pretty cute!
Follow that sexy Haflinger!
Butt licker
We brought the horses in to dry them up a bit and Gunny dried off in the way only mini mules do. . .
Gunny just drops right behind the horses for a roll
Getting his head. . .
He could really care less about his body, he concentrates on his head!
Haha! Sawdust face!
Even though we froze our asses off all day, the horses didn't even seem to register the cold and had a rip-roaring time playing in the snow and eating their extra hay!
Meatball! He is such a hoot!


  1. OMgoodness, the minions are soooo adorable covered in snow! And Dexter with his sawdust face, so huggable. So glad to see Camryn isn't the only one blanketless in snow storms. We got hit yesterday as well :(

    1. Shy does too well in the winter to put a blanket on her. She grows plenty of thick hair to keep her warm, I am not worried about that at all. I did put her cooler on to dry her up and for her trailer ride though.

  2. Allison - your blog always makes me laugh - so hard!

  3. oh my goodness, snow ponies! They look so happy!

    1. I wish I had a good camera, when it was dark they were being so funny running around. Happy indeed!

  4. I love how your barn has both the smallest AND the largest horses! Loved these photos!

    1. It is pretty funny! My friend owns all the horses except Shy and Reba the Shire. The little ones are easy to harness and drive during the week and they are pretty silly. The big ones think they are tiny and are so sweet. And Shy is Shy, always.

  5. Awww, cute ponies and drafts in the snow! Stay warm, it's bitter here!

  6. They look cute when covered with snow! Maybe you could go riding in a one horse open sleigh, ha. :)

  7. Oh wow, what snowy fun! Loving the Gunny roll, reminds us of someone! Stay safe and have fun xx

  8. Your group of horse-loving friends is always having so much fun!


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