Monday, December 9, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #112

It snowed!!
And I ran and ran! Because I like the snow. And I look super pretty in the snow. 

They canter. . .I trot. 
Weee, he is a speed demon!
His canter is like a little prance!
And the minions ran, too! Meatball is just too cute! Except for when he tries to eat my hay, then he is not cute. 
They thought this was great fun!
Sounded like an earthquake to me!
And the big guys ran and ran!
They play all the time!
And they played!
And I watched. We like winter around here. No bugs, no heat, and lots of extra hay!



  1. Shy, you look very pretty in the snow! Here it has only been cold, no snow, and Mum has me bundled up in a blanket. I tried to explain that I used to live in Michigan where Shy lives and don't NEED a blanket, but she insisted.

  2. Whoot, whoot, oh what fun you're all having. We've got snow too, though I have no minions to play with and boss. Mmmmm, gonna have to work on Dad bout that maybe?

  3. Loving the snow pics!! Looks like so much fun :-)

  4. I think my friend Paddington may need minions. I will have to speak to the management at Wyvern Oaks!

  5. I just want to stay inside where it's warm, but it never fails, the horses love this crappy weather. I'm not sure what's wrong with them.

  6. Everyone is having a blast!

    Val definitely needs minions. Yes - plural. Because one wouldn't do.


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