Monday, December 23, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #114

The best part of the Christmas season? I get lots of treats! And when no one is looking, I use my magical, acrobatic powers to eat them all at once!

Allie left me unattended, forgetting she had treats in my grooming bag. I tore it apart, grabbed the Pony Pizzas, ripped open the box and gobbled them all down. They were so good!
What was left. . . 
Allie came back and discovered what I did, so she moved the grooming bag on the other side of the stalls. Then she left again. This is when I used my magical acrobatic powers to get that bag, rifle through it, tossing out the items I did not want, get the tub of Squeezy Buns, break it open, and devour all the treats. I didn't even take the time to unwrap them. 

I then got put on double secret treat probation. Allie says 18 days with no treats, one day for each treat I ate. 

But that didn't last long. Terry came the next day and shared Reba's treats with me!
She also braided my hair, which I was not happy about and promptly shook out. 
Evil pony.
Then, once again, Allie was not paying attention and I got into the grooming bag. This time I went after the tub of peppermints. I had all night to plan how I was going to get to those. I stomped my hoof on it to break the plastic container, then tried fast as I could to eat as many peppermints as I could.

Me and Allie had a battle royale as I refused to lift my head. I did my best to be a vacuum and get the treats. Finally Allie used all her might to shoulder shove me away. 

Allie thought she had all the treats out of her bag and that she could safely leave it hanging on a hook while she was talking to Terry. I casually walked over to investigate the bag. Allie thought it was funny cause there was nothing for me in there. But she forgot about the Pop Rocks!

Haha! Pop Rocks are my new favorite candy. Allie really needs to be more careful. I guess it didn't help that it has been raining for days straight and I was in a curious mood! It was either stuck outside and not moving around too much because I don't like to get dirty, or being inside and entertaining myself. 

And don't worry, I seem okay after eating all that plastic. Doesn't bother my belly.



  1. I did not let Paddington read this blog entry since it might give him Ideas. He's already a bit too handy at getting Ziplock bags open, and has no problem rifling through the grooming box to see if there's anything tasty in it! ;)

  2. Silly pony. At least he didn't get sick from eating a bunch of treats. Don't give other peoples horses any ideas, Shy.

  3. Shy , lol, I still think you need your own comedy show !

  4. You gurl are my HERO!!! So glad you didn't end up sick though, it'd be worth in it ;)

  5. Oh my, you are a naughty pony. And not in a good way, though I'm glad you don't have a belly ache from the plastic.

  6. You are incorrigible, Shy! :) Glad you didn't get a belly ache.

  7. Ooops you got sooo busted ;-) Loving the looks of your treats, we have commanded our human to go search for Christmas treats for us too so we don't feel left out! Happy Holidays!

  8. Ha ha, you are one smart pony. Not so sure about Allie though. You think she would learn to be more careful with that grooming bag.


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