Monday, June 23, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #135

I got all geared up in my fly mask, muzzle, and halter. I know what that means. . .
alien pony
Grass! Me and the big horses went to the back pasture to enjoy the cool breeze, the sun, and  grass. On the way out, I did get to enjoy some mulberries from the many mulberry trees that line the driveway back to the pasture. 

First things first when getting released. . .try to get the muzzle off so I can inhale grass at Haflinger speed. But Allie has gotten hip and puts the halter over all the fly mask and muzzle to keep it on. Boo. 
Be off, you food restricting demon!
Once I resigned to eating grass at a super slow pace and bobbing my head up and down to get the blades in the little hole, I was fine. At least I wasn't the only horse that was silly looking. . .
Hee hee
I also got to finally hang out with my big horse friends. I like them most and usually stand at the gate between the pastures longing to be with them (or their round bale). So I was a happy happy horse!



  1. Allie's pretty smart to put the halter on top of everything else. You just THINK you want to eat all of that grass, but you would be so sad if you foundered. She's a good horse mom, that Allie is.

  2. Nom nom nom!

    My now deceased mare loved her muzzle. It meant she had FREEDOM instead of the little drylot. :)

  3. Shyloh, I feel your pain. As much as I'd hate it, I'd be better off if someone clamped a muzzle on me!


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