Monday, June 30, 2014

too much cute

We interrupt the normal Monday Musings to bring you too much cute to contain another day! Sorry Shyloh, but this beats you out. . .

Some friends of ours that show at our Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit shows also have a Gypsy Vanner farm and live pretty close to Kyle and Jaime's barn. And this past week two of their mares just had babies!

Babies!! Little foals full of little Gypsy beards and little Gypsy hair and little Gypsy feather and too much little Gypsy cuteness!
In your face filly!
Crazy little colt with mama right behind him
So we went to visit, of course! Can I tell you that Gypsy babies are probably the cutest thing on the planet? 

One was a solid filly(either black or smokey black, not sure yet) with blue eyes. She was adorable! She walked right up to us, like hey, I'm here, Love me!! And we did. She was the first foal from their stallion, Mr. Sandman. Her mom is Angelina Rose. This filly is already sold. I really wanted to put her in my pocket and steal her away. She would have come with me.  She is only a few days old and already took a halter like a pro. She is just so chill.
Walking up to everyone to say Hi! She is so sociable and not afraid.

Filly's mama
The colt was a little firecracker! He was in the pasture with his mom, Daezy Mae and two other mares. One was Lillie Belle who is due with the last foal on the farm for this year. 
Lillie Belle, almost ready to pop! 

The other is Jazmyn Joy, who is a yearling or two year old, I think. The colt is a couple days older than the filly and so so sassy! They are thinking that he is going to be a blue roan pinto. He was running around and kicking at his mom, the air, the grass, anything he could kick at. I guess he is a kicker and kicks at people too. His eyelashes are so so long and he has a belly mohawk!
Those eyelashes! He looks wet because it was just raining.
After getting our foal love on, we visited with the stallions. Sandman has really filled out nicely. He is super chill and loves to be loved on. Star is the other stallion on the farm. He is still too young to be bred, but he gets to hang out with Sandman and a mini horse.
Mr. Sandman
The Gypsy Vanners are such a great breed of horse. They have the calmest temperament, and they ride and drive. They are a thick, solid horse. 

Check out the website for Serenity Farm Gypsy Horses! We thank them for letting us visit!


  1. Please go back and put one in your pocket and bring it home from me! Ok, maybe take 2 because you want one too, LOL. Too cute!!

  2. They are adorable!! I want one!

  3. Off the chart cuteness! There were foals a few years at one of my boarding stables. It was so much fun to play with them.

  4. So cute!!!!!!! I want one of the foals AND that gorgeous black mini!!!!

    I am going to sound really stupid now... I had no idea Gypsy Vanners came in any other other than pinto LOL!!!! I had no idea they came in solid or dilute colors. All of the ones I have ever seen are pinto and I'm not crazy about pintos so I just kind of dismissed them. I had to go look up pictures and now I was a black one or a buckskin one. So pretty!!!! That's so awesome that you got to go visit. :D

    1. I think most of them are pinto, but they come in a bunch of colors.


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