Thursday, June 12, 2014

two horse tack halter bridle giveaway

In my newfound love of all that is beta biothane and halter bridles, Two Horse Tack is giving me the opportunity to do a giveaway to share the love! To read my review on the halter bridle, click here.

Shyloh modeling the three different styles of the halter bridle
To review: Two Horse Tack is home to handmade halters, bridles, harnesses, breast collars, reins, and other items. All made in the USA. They have leather, but offer beta biothane in all of their tack. Beta biothane comes in many colors and it is so easy to clean. It is also strong and durable and waterproof. 

The giveaway is a Quick Change Halter Bridle with Snap on Browband. The halter bridle comes in three pieces and is quick and easy to change around. The hardware is stainless steel. And you can pick the two colors you want it in! Or you can pick a solid color, bling, reflective overlay, or camo.

There are a ton of color combinations to choose from. Go crazy! Or choose a different style, it's up to you!

Sizes available are draft, warmblood/TB, horse, cob, Arab, large pony, small pony, mini, and even custom for those hard to fit heads.

Leave a comment on which style or color combinations that you would like to win. But in order to enter, you must click the link and enter through Two Horse Tack website.
Share! Do lots of sharing of the contest!

Two Horse Tack will pick the winner. Good luck everyone! Giveaway ends Saturday June 21st at midnight EST. 

Oh, and everyone who enters gets a $10 off coupon for anything at Two Horse Tack. Pretty cool!


  1. Pretty cool for certain ~ I love these !

  2. I'm actually thinking white and pink.. I have a pink and white bareback pad coming in the mail and no bridle to match!

  3. How exciting!! I love would love the hunter green and wine!

  4. oversize in the colors shown! American Warmblood filly would look smashing! Nancy

  5. I'd do something similar to what you did for Shyloh. My boy's color is plain blue. I'd probably get a lighter blue set with the blue overlay. Or maybe teal with blue overlay.

  6. I am not a pink person normally, but I love how the brown with hot pink looks on a bay horse. :)

  7. I would love to win this!! I've been wanting a halter/bridle combo because I want to set it up with two sets of reins so I can ride bitless but have a bit as backup in case things get hairy. I can't afford one right now though so I'll definitely enter the giveaway. If I won I'd choose blue and silver since that's Chrome's colors. Blue camo would be cool too!

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  9. I would love a black one, actually any color would do! I am not picky 😃

  10. The brownish color would match my horse's flea bitten spots perfectly!

  11. Oh my gosh, I don't know! So many to choose from! But, i'll have to go with orange camo if it's available! :) I've been wanting a halter bridle for sooo long! Once I saw the giveaway I entered right away! :) I'm really hoping to get it. I'm so tired and annoyed, having to put the bridle on top of the halter every time.


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