Sunday, August 10, 2014


I think Shyloh has been feeling ignored. I don't blame her. . .I have not been doing anything with her for a couple weeks. I feel bad, but that's life. Plus, Shy enjoys living the feral life a little too much. 

When I went out to the barn a few days ago, I think she was happy to see me. She did come up to me and I gave her some Now and Laters, which she loved. But then, me and Jaime had to go pick up Leo from his time at pony camp and bring him home. 
Pineapple flavored! Yum!
When we got back, I couldn't stay long, but I decided to pick Shy's hooves. If nothing else, I always pick her hooves when I am at the barn. I've said it before, but Shy loves her hooves picked. If I don't pick them first and I start brushing her, she will lift her legs up asking to be picked. When I do pick them, she already has a hoof lifted for me when I bend over to pick it. I've also taught her commands to lifting her hooves. She is great about it. And I can pick them anywhere, with Shy tied or not. It has never been a problem (see where I am going here?)

So, I went out into the pasture to pick her feet real quick. I got three done without a problem. I walked around to one of her back legs, she picked it up and I began picking it out. Shy's tail started swishing rapidly. . .then all of a sudden BAM!!
Yup, that is about right!
I got kicked! Square in the back of the thigh. I yelled some expletives. Jaime said it sounded like the crack of the electric fence, but no, it was Shy's hoof on my thigh. I ran into the barn and took my pants off to assess the damage. I will spare you the photo. I did go back and pick that hoof, but I wondered WTF? Shy is not a kicker. She has never kicked out. Then I remembered. . .Leo has just been crow hopping and bucking out before I started picking hooves to get the giant horse flies off him. And right before the kick came some pretty strong tail swishing. It had to be a horse fly. Which still doesn't make a kick acceptable in any way, but at least gives an explanation. 
Smh. . .
I did feel Shy for pain as well, but nothing. Had to be a horse fly. I checked her again the next day and picked her feet without issue. Had to be a horse fly. I just really have a hard time believing that Shy would kick out for any other reason. It is just not her style. Never has been. But it happened and I not have a really black and blue hoof shaped bruise on my thigh. Ugh. 
Suspicious pony is suspicious. . .


  1. Oh no! Glad you weren't seriously injured. That is pretty cute how much she loves having her hooves picked!

  2. Ouch :( sorry!! Red has been weird with his feet several times when a fly is after him. Even the best horses have their moments!

  3. Ouch. Hopefully it isn't only the first but, the last kick.

  4. Ugh! Miles kicked me for the first time a few weeks ago and although I was lucky to escape with just a small bruise, we definitely had a pretty big discussion about it!

  5. some of those flies are HUGE and scary (and need a saddle they are SO big!) ~ not that you should EVER kick your Mummy... EVER.
    I'm sure she's sorry (that you were in the way of her foot)....
    All outdoor animals are probably all about done with been bitten by everything about now....their tail muscles must be exhausted!!
    JoJo gets me in the face with that swishing tail sometimes.... wow it stings!!!

  6. Ouch! Glad you're OK, and those horse flies sound AWFUL!


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