Saturday, August 30, 2014

attached at the hip

Well, the move is over. It went smooth, which was nice. Both horses loaded right up into the trailer and away we went. Leaving was sad, but for a variety of reason I am happy to be back at the other barn. Being closer, on the way home from work, being able to continue my lessons on Reba, and having Lily partial lease Shyloh make the move worth it. 
Travel time!
Shy is pretty great about taking everything in stride. She doesn't get worked up by new places or old-new places. She stepped off the trailer, like whatever. Reba however. . .well, Reba had to make a grand entrance. We opened the trailer and Reba began backing out, while she was still tied to it. That didn't stop her, she busted through her halter and fell backwards. We have arrived!!
Checking out the new digs.
Once we got the horses into their new pasture, Shy rolled first thing. Then she began searching for grass. Reba followed her around like a lost puppy. Shy took to the woods up front and began running around. Traveller was being led out of the pasture and it was clear that they remembered each other. Reba was not down with this and got in between them. Traveller kicked out and Reba kicked back. It was instant hate and they continued kicking each other. Yikes! Shy was off running around the woods and Traveller went to follow her. Terry got Reba and Traveller's new owner tried to catch him, but he was off running with my wild pony. Finally, he was caught and led out. Reba was at peace.

Shy decided it was time to run out into the back of the pasture, with Reba close behind. Shy took her through more woods and they met up with the two Arabs and Quarter horse that are their new pasture mates. There was a small amount of squeals, but nothing like up front. The only scuffle was when Kota reared up on Reba and she reared a little bit and chest bumped him and he fell backwards. 
The herd. Shyloh, Reba, Kota, Ranger, Prince (order from front to back)
It was funny to see. Shy was just doing whatever she wanted and Reba was her bodyguard, not letting the other horses get too close to her. But at the same time, Reba would not leave her side. Every step Shy took, Reba took a step, too. It was a far cry from the first time I brought Shy to this barn. Shy was miss independent today and Reba was her tag-a-long. 
Me and Terry stayed a while, just watching the horses settle in. They ran around, came up front for water, and went back out back to graze. It was funny to watch Shy trot through the pasture and the woods. . . Shy could clear branches that Reba had to seriously duck under. And since Reba would not stop following Shy, duck under those branches she did!
Coming through the woods. Looks like Reba is leading, but her strides are just bigger.
Every turn Shy made, Reba was right there with her.
Reba and Shy are the only mares in with the three geldings. Should be fun to watch the herd develop. 


  1. Looks like a really fun pasture for them!! What an amazing amount of space they have to run around in! :))) Hope everyone settles in and gets along with the herd nicely! :)))) Do they all have their own stalls, or stay outside?

  2. It's like me and mini-me! What a wonderful turnout space they have. So nice!

  3. Shy is Reba's minion, though I'm sure the roles are reversed. Either way, seeing those photos makes me giggle as I remember all of Shy's minions.


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