Saturday, August 2, 2014

monroe county fair 2014

It has been radio silence over here for the past few days. I have not even seen a computer and the small amount of time spent at home I have been getting a couple hours of sleep. Why? It's county fair time!

While I didn't show Shyloh, I spent the days with the barn and the big horses. They were hauled in Wednesday night, but I spent the day checking out the fair.

It was mule hitch day which was fun to see. Beth came up and we walked the fair and watched the hitches. We spent a lot of time chatting with the judge, who was a friend of Beth. It was a nice day. Some friend's of ours were showing their Gypsy horses in 4-H and we also watched their trail patterns. Kim had a foal on the way and we offered to go to her barn to check on the mare, since she had to stay at the fair with her nieces. No problem! We went to love on the other Gypsy babies (who are getting so big!) and check on the mare. No foal, but boy was she close. Turns out, that night a filly was born!!

Thursday was the driving classes. It was Isaac's second show and the first show with Jaime driving the new cart. They looked real sharp!
Before entering the show ring
Terry and Reba were in the cart class as well. Reba was a picklehead and caused a little backup. . .but they did look real nice. 
On their way into the ring!
Thee big hitch was Heritage Hills Belgians. They won almost all of the hitch classes; tandem, team, four and six horse hitch. They did not win the unicorn, though. And they bought the whole draft barn pizza later that night, how nice!!
Between the hitch classes, the minis came out to do some fun demos to keep the audience entertained. Meatball and Dexter were part of the fun. They did racing, a barrel pattern, poles, and a driving demo. It was so much fun and the audience really enjoyed it. 
Jaime and Meatball, cantering to the finish!
Anthony and Dexter zooming by!
Cowboy hat on a mini? Yes please!
There was also a ridden draft demo with Kyle on Clutch and Terry on Reba. 

Friday was halter classes. Hidden Creek Draft Horses took Grand Champion Mare for Clydesdales and Shires (Reba), Grand Champion Gelding for Clydesdales and Shires (Clutch), and Grand Champion Percheron Gelding (Isaac). Notch did win the Percheron Geldings 5 and over, but Isaac beat him out for Grand Champion. 
After halter, I went to watch Jessica and Sarah jump their Gypsies. It was great to be able to hang out with those kids and their mom, Christina and their aunt Kim. 
Weee! Jessica and Saiorse
One of the baby Belgians got cast in her stall and Kyle and Terry helped to get her up. She was so calm about it and walked off just fine. Then there was a moment when I saw a cow going into a horse stall. I questioned it, then noticed the hooves sticking out the back of the cow. . .it was having a baby!
Brand new baby!
By this time, I was exhausted. From helping with the big horses, getting them ready for the show, keeping the stalls clean, and walking them back and forth from the stalls to the trailer, I just wanted to sit and sleep. Although, I do admit, it was cool walking the big horses down the midway :)
Cows sleep funny
It's hard being bacon
So cute!
This little one was right across from us! She liked checking out the big horses.
We did walk through the fair to check out the other things they had to offer. It was a fun time, but I am glad it is over. It was a lot of work and I didn't even have a horse there!


  1. Love all the pictures! Looks like it was a great time.

  2. Congrats to Hidden Creek - sounds like they cleaned up!
    I used to love going to our County Fair - it was a big deal. Our fair out here in CO is kinda small and disappointing in comparison.
    Thanks for sharing all of the fun! You really gave me a great look at all of the things I love at the fair!

  3. Congrats on all the wins! And I developed a sense of fatigue just reading this! I can only imagine how whooped you must have been!

  4. Wow you really crammed a lot into a short time! :) Congrats on all the great placings and pretty horses! I just love Isaac's coloring-gorgeous!

  5. Sounds like a jam-packed weekend! Congrats to your friends on all of the wins! Isaac looks STUNNING in his show harness. Beautiful.

  6. I have such fond memories of showing at county fair during my youth!


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