Monday, January 30, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #22

See my sign? It is great! It lets all the horses and two leggers who pass by my stall (which is everyone since I am right across from the grooming stalls and right next to the dreaded arena) know who I am and how extraordinary I am! And also that I am a Haflinger, the greatest horse breed ever produced! True story.  And I guess that Allie loves me.
Now no one can forget how awesome I am, my sign will remind them all!
I was real scared of the sign at first. I didn't know what it was and Allie was coming at me with it all quick. I tried to run, but I was in my stall and I couldn't go very far, so I just kept backing in circles. Allie played the click and treat game with me and my sign wasn't scary any more. All I had to do was touch it and I got a treat! So easy! I realized it wasn't a mountain lion in disguise (those mountain lions have many, many disguises) and I could touch it with no problem. Hey, I was even bigger than my sign! So not scary. 
Treat please! The sign is not a magical morphing mountain lion. Touch!
I was promised that I would be getting out of the boring arena to do some work in the "real world," but that hasn't been happening. This does not make a mare happy, broken promises and stuck inside and all. But then when I went outside to hang with some new friends, I decided that it is not practical to be outside working. Outside is only for finding what is left of the grass. How can it be muddy and icy at the same time? So I guess as long as it is windy and rainy and snowy and icy and muddy, the arena it is. . .going round and round and round. Blah.

Like I said, I got to go outside with some new horse friends! We went out "at out own risk." This was because of the ice and snow. I am pretty hard-core and was not bothered by any of the winter elements.
Mocha in purple, Dante in blue. It was so blustery out!
This is Mocha and Dante. Mocha quickly realized that I was not going to run around with his off the track self and just ate grass with me. Dante wanted me all to himself, he was infatuated. We ate grass together, too. Sometimes, when the wind got blowing real hard, they went on each side of me to protect me. But I think that they fail to realize that I am a Haflinger and I don't need to be protected! 
Mighty Haffie am I!
And poor Ryleigh. . .I could hear him calling for me all the way from the barn! He was spying on us from his window and he was not happy that I was out with two other geldings. But thank Pegasus that Ryleigh wasn't out there, he would have tried to beat up Mocha and Dante. He never would have caught Mocha, but he probably would have hurt Dante. And I don't want my new friends hurt. And they are Ryleigh's friends too, he just can't stand for me to be around other geldings. 
Snow on my back! I couldn't feel it through my winter woolies. So thick!
Outside, the snow got a little intense for a while and I was covered! I didn't mind at all. In fact, I really did not want to go inside when it was time, but I did. I was a good girl. Fear not, I am just planning my next big thrill. Haha!
I'm a pretty cool gal!


  1. Ya, that snow was CRAZEE for about 2 hours!! She probably loved it :) Great sign too!

  2. Shy, that sign is pretty sweet, congratulations!

  3. I love reading your blogs Shy. You're such a clever girl and nice you have a sign to let everyone know, if they didn't already how awesome you are. :)

    1. Haha! Thanks Marie! I try to let everyone know how awesome I am :)

  4. Ewww, yuck! The weather looks terrible. Glad we aren't experiencing that! (I won't tell you how wonderfully nice it was today cause that would make you feel bad!)
    I love the sign. Pippin has also begun to think all things morph into mountain lions. Let's see today's possibilities included: a bucket with a hoof pick rattling it in, a baggie caught on a fence, a black tarp on the ground, fence tensioners, a culvert, deer, a barn with a kennel attached to it (but no dog), a stump, a green electrical box next to the road.....I think there were more!
    I hope you get some nice weather, too!

    1. It won't make me feel bad! We are going from that weather to almost 50 degrees tomorrow. This is craziness!
      Oh Pippin. . .I promise there are no mountain lions around!

  5. Camryn here:
    Wow, you have mountain lions, I have saber tooths!! Bet their related to each other. Looks like you're trying really hard to read your sign. It's beautiful. Oh, and we got that snow storm here too.

    1. Uh oh. . .better watch out! I bet those mountain lions and saber tooths sometimes team up. And we are not that far away from each other! Always be on the lookout, that's my motto.

  6. I love your new sign Shy! Scarfie wanted me to tell you that there can be monsters anywhere! Especially in those tubs they put our poop into!

  7. Silly Shyloh! Glad you like your new sign. And you have new friends! You're so tough. A little snow and wind can't hurt a Haffie. :D


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