Hump Day Haflingers

A collection of my Hump Day Haflinger Series in one spot.

The Hump Day Haflinger posts purpose is to highlight the versatility of Haflingers as well as famous Haflingers. The order of the posts is the order in which I get back the responses to my questions. If you have a Haflinger you would like to be featured in the posts please contact me!

A few things that I have noticed about the Haflingers featured so far are that so many of the Haflingers seem to to enjoy and do well in many different disciplines. I have also noticed that the most successful Haflingers are at least 14 hands. And that Haflingers love to leap!

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  1. I've been a huge fan of Chesna's since I saw her posts about training Stuey on the Hafflinger community pages. I referred to that a lot as I was training both of my most recent projects and it was part of what made me decide to get Katai.


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