2014 Goals

Specific Goals for 2014

1. Ride
For real. I must ride Shyloh. I think she is at a much better spot in her life that she will be more accepting and not so quick footed. 

2. Go on a trail ride
Anywhere. The back fields of the property, the marsh. I just need to get out!

3. Lose weight and get in shape, girl

I hit the 10 lb mark, but Christmas may have set me back. Work more vigilently on loosing the weight and getting in any shape but round. Same for Shy. 

4. Have a successful year showing in the Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit
Well, if I don't retire from the show life. . . Earn at least one ribbon, but the main goal is to have fun and stay safe. Maybe ride the walk/trot class? And have a fun time with the lead liners. 

5. Work on driving
I am adding this in here because I do not think it is entirely out of the question. I have plans to try a different method soon. But if I don't get to this, no big deal.

6. Continue keeping Shy happy and healthy!

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