Friday, June 28, 2013

blackberry hunting

Shyloh's poor face is all scratched up. I don't know what she does all day. . .

Someone mentioned that the pasture has blackberry bushes and Shy was probably getting all scratched up munching on berries. I can see that happening, Shy loves berries! So we set out looking for the blackberry bushes. I was hoping Shy would lead me right to them. . .
Heading out!
Not so much. First, Shy did not really want to go back in the pasture. The rest of the herd was up front and it was close to dinner time. 
Nooooo. . . .
But I finally convinced her to walk back with me. We had several stops while searching for those bushes. 

The first stop was at these little apples. Shy seemed to know all about them, ate a few, and walked on. 
Tiny apple
nom nom nom
Then we were stopped quite frequently for Shy to do this. . .
Really? She could do this all day and chooses to stand up front.
Is this a blackberry bush?
No berries here.
Nope. . .so Shy just walked right over it. 

Is this a blackberry bush?
I have no idea what this is.
Nope. Keep it moving. 

Wait, Shy's ears perked and she neighed real loud! Have we found the bushes? 

As I tried to get Shy to walk further back in the pasture, she kept pulling towards the front of the pasture. So I let her off the lead and off she went!

She heard the dinner Gator and was not about to miss out on her dinner date with Traveller. 
Grain for two
A hound dog Shy is not. . .she did not lead me to any blackberry bushes. Or maybe she is keeping them a secret from me. We will have to look for them again, not so close to dinner time.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

back to clicking

My first time out to see Shyloh since the show and all the work she put in there. She was totally fine and did not appear to be sore. . .in fact, she was rather spunky. 

She is also very clean from the rain we have had!
I decided to try something we have not done in six months or so. . .clicker training! I wanted to do something with Shy and it was too hot and humid to do anything else. So, I grabbed the clicker and some hay pellets and got to work.

Um. . .I had not planned this in advance and just thought about doing it on the way to the barn and I had a hard time recalling what we have went over. Bad clicker trainer. I ran through our tricks. Click and treat. I practiced having her pick each foot up. Click and treat. We worked on yielding her hind quarters. Click and treat. We worked on side passing. Click and treat. We worked on backing. Click and treat. I was amazed by how Shy retained all of the stuff we had been doing! Click and treat!

Then I decided to get our mat out. I put it down and told Shy to go to her mat. And she did!
Hurrrrr, I'm on the mat!
We had not done anything with the mat in an even longer time. But Shy remembered like a pro! I worked on having her stand on the mat while I walked around her. I worked on having her walk to the mat from a distance. She was even able to fix her feet when I asked by making sure both hooves were completely on the mat. 

I think Shy likes doing this stuff because we were doing it completely off the lead. Shy could have walked away or ignored me at any time, but she chose to stay. Happy me!

By now, I was dripping in sweat from the heat. I decided to have a little  fun with Shy and I put her in the pasture with the pond. I wanted to see what she would do. 
Splash face in pond
Wade in pond
Watch duck in pond
Eat grass near pond
Run from me
And when I was ready to bring her back, Shy wanted to play catch me if you can. I finally caught her when she stopped to pee. Otherwise, I think I would still be chasing after her.  I am thinking I want to get back into clicker training with Shy and teach her a few more tricks and useful things. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #91

I went on a sleepover to Ohio this weekend. It was awesome because Ohio has my most favorite grass and I got to much on that the whole night. But then it was not awesome because I had to work harder than I ever worked before, in the sweltering heat! 

While we waited for our chariot to pick me up, Allie got me all ready for the sleepover. She braided my hair and I fell asleep. . .

But I woke up just in time for the trailer to take just me down to the delicious grass. Allie followed us so I gave her a nice little surprise on the way down. I peed in the trailer and it ran out, the wind picked it up, and it splashed all over her windshield. That should teach her not to tailgate!

Once we got there, I saw my team buddy, Art, my show love, Rambo, Moe/Curly who I have met once before, and a new mare. New mare, Leah did not like me. She put on a show running and bucking and calling out. I was all whatever, I am eating tasty grass. 

Then I went in the round pen for the night. I got water and hay, but I didn't need any of that. I was surrounded by grass! Leah kept carrying on all night. . .she was lucky I had no interest in sleeping. I was eating the grass, you know! No time for sleep when I have free access to the best grass in the world!

Morning came too soon and next thing I know, I am working like a draft horse! This wasn't supposed to happen. Allie said sleepovers where supposed to be fun! I worked so hard and sweated so much I was too tired to even eat yummy grass. So I took a snooze. When I woke up, I picked at my hay a bit but it was too hot to eat much. Next thing I knew, I was in a trailer and heading home. 

When I got home I saw my herd. I made a deep sounding grunt (?) and my love Traveller came out to greet me as I ran through puddles to be by him. Then the other geldings surrounded me and I was in heaven, queen of my pasture. We walked around a bit together, then I dispatched them so I could nibble some not quite as good as Ohio grass. 


Saturday, June 22, 2013

fun show

Today we had the draft club's fun show. It is different from the circuit shows; it required no washing of ponies, no mane rolls or tail bows, and no show clothes. It was just a day to hang with friends, show ponies and mules low key, and have fun.

One of my new friend that helps out with all the shows, Lisa, and Becky came up to take Shyloh down to Ohio. Shy was going to have a sleepover at Beth's house!
Yeah. . .Shy is the only horse in that bad boy
In the morning, me and Beth loaded up the ponies and headed to the show, a mere 10 minutes away! We got there early and got a coveted under the tree parking spot. Ahhh. . .shade. It was much needed for the 90 degrees and humid day that was ahead of us.
Can you see Shy and Art?
First up, halter class. We never place in halter or showmanship. So when it was out turn and Shy drug ass up to the judge, then decided to speed trot away from the judge, then half trot back to the judge, I figured we were just doing halter just because. . .  imagine my surprise when the judge called us out for second! Second place!! I was shocked!
Happy pony with her ribbon
Showmanship was our usual blah. I get so bored standing in line and so does Shy. But next up was line driving obstacle course. . .which we rocked! We took third place and I think that was because She refused to trot around the cones. But she did go over the bridge without a problem!

Next was the scary part. Hooking Shy to the cart. She had not been hooked since the last show she was at, which was in May. But Shy was a superstar! Beth rode with me, just to be safe and we ended up taking fourth in the class. 
Go Shy!
Nevermind the hair-fro. . .it was so hot and humid!
Then Shy was used for youth cart class. The little girl who drove Shy did an excellent job and Shy was great for her. I think they took second place. 

Becky took a spin on Shy and I convinced her to do the obstacle class with Shy. I rode with her. Shy was doing good until we had to back in a U shape, then pull out. She did a major scoot coming out of the U. A major scoot. Becky got after her and made her do it again so she could do it right. After Shy got herself together, Becky had me drive her back to the trailer. 

Now it was time to hook Shy and Art together. They did an obstacle course and I think they took either first or second with Beth driving. Then they did a farm team open class. Beth said that the way they drove together was amazing, they were so good! And they took first place!
The last team class was on a wooden sled, where the driver stands. A water bucket was filled to the top and placed on the back of the sled. The driver had to take the team around three cones and back around the cones. The winner was the person who spilled the least amount of water. Beth went first with Art and Shy. Then it was my turn. Let me tell you, driving two horses is hard! I don't know how people drive those hitches with six and eight! And since Shy and Art aren't technically a team, they both have different words to go. So I had a bit of a difficult time getting started. . .but Beth helped. Then I took over. It was fun, but I have a difficult enough time with just one horse, I am not sure I am ready for two! And turning them is much easier than making them go straight. But when we crossed the finish line, I had more water in the bucket! Me and the team took first place!!

After that, Shy and Art got hooked back up to the cart and gave pony rides to Lisa and her husband Ed.  And by the time Shy was unhooked, she was exhausted and sweaty! Pony doesn't know what it is like to work! She took a little snooze at the trailer, then resumed her eating. We loaded up and Lisa and Ed took us home. How awesome are they for coming to get us and bring us home for the show? Super awesome!!
That's the sign of some hard work!

The rains when we got home probably felt so good!

I am so proud of how Shy did today!! I wish I would have gotten way more photos, but I was so busy all day! If anyone at the show took some, I will share them on Shy's Facebook page.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

i scream, you scream, shy doesn't scream for ice cream

What is this?

It looks colorful and quite possibly tasty. 

Let's have a bite. . .

NOOO!!! Yuck yuck yuck yuck.

Let's chalk ice cream up to another food that Shyloh hates. The list is not very long and includes things such as chocolate, whipped cream, and ravioli. I think it is mostly a texture thing. . .

But after Shy took a bite of that cone, she tried her hardest to get the ice cream out of her mouth. Then she drug her mouth through the sand and even through a pile pf poop. Because my horse is hygienic like that. . .and poop is clearly cleaner than ice cream in her mouth. 
Nothing to do with the ice cream story, Shy just looks super shiny and really dark here.
I tried to get Shy to take another bite, because seriously, who doesn't like ice cream? And I even got sprinkles on it for her. But she kept running from me. She wanted nothing to do with the ice cream. Then I wanted her to try the cone, but Shy was done with trying things for the day. I had to completely rid myself of the ice cream before Shy would let me come near her. 

In other news, we have a fun show with the draft club down in Ohio this weekend. So of course, Shy decided now was a good time to attempt to gouge her other eye out. 

Why pony?

She is not going to be happy when she actually gets her eye and can't see. . .although I could be wrong about that. She has no problem letting me put stuff over her head so she can't see anything. Oh weird horse, I can't help but love her!

Also. . .am I crazy (and that is rhetorical) but does Shy's forelock look like it is growing? Maybe? 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

liebster blog award

I am back from my vacation! And while it was fun and relaxing, I was ready to come home. While I was away, I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award from four other blogs, so thank you Carrot Top from Little Bay Horse, Janine from Hoofprints of Kaspin, Liz from In Omnia Paratus, and Emmi from My Life on Horses.

HOW TO ACCEPT THE AWARD: The Liebster Blog Award is a way to recognize blogs who have less than 200 followers.  Liebster is a German word that means beloved and valued.  Here are the rules for accepting the award:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
  5. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or fewer followers to nominate and include links to their blogs.
  6. Go to each blogger's page and let them know you have nominated them.

Eleven Random Facts about Me:
  • I'm afraid of heights
  • I would totally redo what I picked as a career path if given the chance
  • I love swimming being in the water. . .I think I was a dolphin in a past life
  • I am the worst cooker/cleaner/anything related with being domestic
  • I hate giving random facts about myself because I can never think of anything and I feel boring
  • I recently went through an Arby's drive thru with my horse mask on and asked for horsey sauce. . .I got nine! (I don't even like horsey sauce)
  • I am incredibly picky about what I eat
  • I constantly watch shows like Law and Order, NCIS, and Criminal Minds
  • Reading is something I love to do. . .I even finished Dance with Dragons on vacation!
  • I wish I was in much better shape (well any other shape than round), but I am lazy. Bad excuse
  • I love playing games

Since I got four nominations, I am going to take three questions from each person, thus messing up the eleven theme, but I feel that it will be okay. . .

Carrot Top:
1.  What's the last book you read cover-to-cover? Dances with Dragons, the last book written so far in the Game of Thrones series. 

2. Have you ever broken a bone, and if so how? I broke my wrist by falling off the top of a slide when I was seven.
3. If you could chose any super-power, what would it be? So many to choose from . . .probably super agility. . .I could jump super high, have cat like reflexes, and move super quick. Awesome.

4. Do you trail ride? Not yet, but that is the ultimate goal!
5. Favorite food for you? Pickles! I love them!
6. Favorite treat for your horse? Shy loves Stud Muffins and Nicker Makers. She also won't turn down a peppermint, an apple, or a carrot. 

7. Most amazing vacation destination you've ever been to? A place you haven't been to yet but hope to one day visit? My hands down favorite spot is Traverse City, Michigan. It is so beautiful there! I would love to vacation in Australia though.
8. Shoes, boots, or bare? Why? Barefoot because Shy doesn't need shoes. As long as her feet are healthy, why mess with nature?
9. Best birthday ever: what did you do and why was it so awesome? I love all my birthdays. . .but I will pick a recent one. Me and my husband took the dogs up to Traverse City and rented a little cottage. It was amazing. We did a wine walk through the town and took the dogs to this tiny lake we discovered up there and we were the only ones around so we could let the dogs run and swim. 

10.  How many siblings do you have? I have one sister, she is two years younger than me.
11What is your favorite time of the year? Fall, by far. 
12. Which do you like short horses or tall horses? I am going to go with short horses. 

The eleven questions I created:
  1. How did you get into horses?
  2. What other animals do you have?
  3. Do you board your horses or keep them at home?
  4. How do your friends/family/significant other feel about your horse obsession (because we all know, we are obsessed)?
  5. What is your favorite non horsey thing to do?
  6. What is the weirdest thing you ever tried to feed your horse? Did your horse like it?
  7. What is one thing with horses that you would like to try that you have not done?
  8. Describe your horse in three words.
  9. Borrowing this from another: Barefoot, boots, or shoes?
  10. Supplements? Yay or neigh?
  11. Did anyone else have a hard time coming up with 11 questions?

Eleven Nominees

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

other horse behaviors

I am going on a much needed vacation for a few days. As I was soaking Shyloh in fly spray, Swat, and sunscreen I had an offer from some of the ladies at my barn. They said that if the flies are really back they will grab Shy and spray her down.

I told them I really appreciated that, but I don't think she would let them catch her. They responded that, oh Shy walks up to them all the time. . .Shy will come running to see what they are up to when they ride in the big pasture next to hers. . .Shy always stays with the herd so when they come running up front so does she. Hmmmm. . .

I actually love hearing other people's stories about my horse. It gives me a glimpse into what she is doing when I am not around. Sometimes it is like she is a different horse. I have heard stories of Shy getting through the gate (into another gated paddock area) and causing a ruckus, refusing to go back to where she is supposed to be. I have heard the she flirts with Buddy the Belgian through the fence. I have heard that she gallops out back at lightening speed to get to the grass first.

Where is this horse when I am around? I usually catch Shy at standing around time or nap time. It's not really that exciting. And while I almost always have a fun time with her, like yesterday when we were playing chase, it would be exciting to see her do other things. I guess for now, I'll have to settle for the stories.
Chasing me!
Any really, she is pretty funny when I am around. Like the other day when I put her back in the herd and the herd had moved to the back. . .without her expressed permission I am guessing. Being boss mare provides her the opportunity to move her herd where she pleases, as I have seen quite often. But when I took her halter off, Shy stopped and looked around.
Where are my horsies??
Her ears got real intent on listening for her herd, then she called out. And Shy is not a vocal horse. Another horse answered her back, and off she trotted to their location. My horse is smart. . .no sense in searching 15 acres for the herd when you can just "call" them. 

Shy also enjoys her spot near the gate or front of the fence, especially at feeding time. I have notices that she will nip at other horses' butts when they encroach on her space.
Move on Prince
I think she has also solidified her boss mare spot, as now when a horse is standing somewhere she feels that it should not be standing, all she has to do is flick her ears back and off that horse goes. 

Unless of course it is Traveller. She just loves that horse. . .
Always together <3
Even his butt!

Monday, June 10, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #90

Apparently, Allie felt that since she couldn't get me to the show that we had to do work. We went on a line driving extravaganza. I tried my very best to get out of work. I tried to be scared of everything!
Can you see me? I was just chillin' with my homies and these tractors when I got pulled out to do work!
A new pile of dirt. . .scoot away. Allie tried to make me look at it, but I wanted no part in it. I kept trying to turn around. . .you never know what kind of horse eating creature can emerge from disrupted earth. . . zombies are just one thing that comes to mind.
Getting ready for work. . .grumpy pony am I
And while I was being forced to be zombie food, someone ran from the barn with a wheelbarrow making all kinds of noise. Spook! Then Allie made me follow it to where it was being dumped.
Working it!
Next came the flowers. See, these are new flowers hanging on a post. I did not like them suspended in the air like that. Flowers should not hover like that, they belong firmly planted in the ground. I could barely look at these flowers and I wanted nothing to do with them. Of course, all Allie wanted me to do was go near the flowers. After a fight, I walked by them, but I was not happy about it. Next, Allie said the magic words. . .Touch it. So I did! I shoved my nose right in those flowers. I know that when Allie says to touch stuff, I usually get treats! But not this time. . .
No treats! That's not how you treat a Haflinger!
We went through the barns, around the barns, worked on stopping, worked on stepping over without moving forward, just did a bunch of work. Some of the stuff in the barns scared me and I didn't want to go past them, but Allie had the whip at the ready and tapped me onward. I was tired when we got done. Perhaps going to shows is less work than staying home? Nah. .  . I don't think so!
Big yawn!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

second show photos

The second Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit show as so much fun. Even though I didn't bring Shy and we missed having Jaime and Kyle there, we had a great time. I got to ring steward with some great judges and I took a a ton of photos. Enjoy!

Mare Halter class line up

Rambo and Beth got Halter Reserve Champion
All the kids and their ponies stole the day!
Lining Alliecat up for Showmanship
Stinky was so good for the kids!
Cody and Burt in trail class
Mini horse, mini person. . . they made a cute team!
Even the smallest of kids could handle these awesome ponies.
Skylar and the Great Saint

Youth riding class
Maddie and Alliecat, love their colors!
This team won the Sportsmanship award.
Lead line class
Loved seeing the older kids helping the younger kids
Everyone had fun!
How cute is this?
I love that this Mule and her momma won High Point for the second time! They are amazing!
Ridden Trail, lead line
More ridden trail, lead line
Art and Beth
Mini driving!
Cody and Lady
More Art!
Driving Sariose
More mini driving
It was nice to see a light horse driving, they did great!
Alliecat being driven
We ended the day with some fun classes, like driven egg and spoon and crazy stakes. I love this circuit, the people are so supportive and so much fun. The next circuit show is not until August, but there are a couple other shows in between I hope to bring Shyloh to show. If not, expect a ton more photos, cause I'm going to the shows with or without horse!