About Me


I'm Allison! I have had Shyloh for just over three years now. She is added to my motley crew of two dogs and one bunny, and beta fish and snail that I keep at work. I am happily married to my amazing husband, Mike. We live in the mitten state near the motor city.

I spend my week days being a social worker and my evenings at the barn. I recently graduated with my MSW. In my spare time, I like to read, be crafty, bike, kayak, boat, and spend time at the park with my dogs. I really need more spare time.

This blog is about my thoughts, feelings, observations with my adventures with Shyloh, as we both learn from each other and discover new things about ourselves. 

More dog photos. . .They told me that they were upset that they don't get their own blog.

And here is the husband. He is also upset that he doesn't get his own blog. Okay. . .not really.

Contact Me

If, for some reason you want to contact me, this is the best way:

You can email me with questions or if you just want to tell me how awesome I am!
Please don't email me about how dorky I am (I already know) or with anything mean. That would just hurt my feelers.


  1. Pleased to meet you! I'm looking forward to reading more of your adventures with Shy.

  2. Hey! Nice to meet you. I'm Paola. Right now, I am working on getting my first horses, something I have been working hard for all year. I think your dogs are adorable. I love the picture of the gold one laying down and waving.


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