Thursday, January 30, 2014

horse ninja

I got a text from Jaime on the coldest day this week saying they just got in from fixing the fencing. . . 
Can fit through small fence sections with skill and grace. . .?
Shyloh had somehow broken through the second and forth fence line and was found with the big horses eating round bale with no halter on. What? How do two non consecutive fence lines get broke? How did she squeeze through? What happened to her halter? How does Shy do that?

I have four possible explanations. 
  • Shy and Isaac were snuggling up over the fence, Isaac grabbed Shy by the halter and tossed her over the fence, right out of the halter. Possible?
Flying Shy!
  • Shy and the minions were playing limbo and Shy got tangled in the fence, which removed her halter. Once she recovered, she decided to visit her round bale. Could happen?
Shy is terrible at limbo. . .she can't go very low.
  • Shy and Isaac where playing halter tag and he got her halter off. Shy tried to leap the fence to get it back, but totally failed. To make herself feel better, she ate round bale. Maybe?
Needs to work on leaping over things and not through them? Wait. . .needs to work on not leaping at all!

  • Shy climbed up the pole, snapping the fence lines in the process. Once she got on the pole, she began to pole dance to try and seduce Issac, the removal of her halter was part of the seduction. Perhaps?
Work it, girl. . .yeah, that's hay in her thong.

So. . .Which scenario do you think is most likely? Pick a scenario and that will be the story we are sticking with!

Shy is generally not a fence tester. She respects boundaries and leaves them alone. Only a few times has she actually broken boundaries and that was because she was leaning against them to get grass. There is no grass in the pastures any more. So fences will be turned on. . .

What is up with my horse breaking things lately? Halters and fences, it is not cool! I felt bad that Jaime and Kyle had to be outside to fix fencing from my little horse, it has been to cold for all this nonsense! Hopefully, Shy can get herself together and be a respectable Haflinger and not destroy stuff any more. 


  1. OMG, those drawings were soooooooooooooooooooooo funny! I have no idea what she did. Glad she is ok too:)

  2. The thong was big time awesome. I'm not letting Camryn see this just in case!

  3. Those pictures are hilarious. She must've jumped through the fence. :p

  4. Those pictures are seriously amazing. I like the flying through the air one the best!

  5. I just spit my icee across my desk!!!!
    I'm going with option 4

  6. Those illustrations are awesome! I like the flying through the air one the best. I can totally picture it.

  7. I don't think respectable, Haflinger and 'not destroy stuff anymore' go together in a sentence very well.

    (As I should know, although with the new corral, houdini Haflingerism and destructo pony are probably things of the past)

  8. Fantastic illustrations of all of the possibilities... I vote for pole dancing!!

  9. Buy Shiloh a damn cape! hahahaha! FLYING PONAYYYYYY

  10. They are all sooo plausible but I'm going with #1. Very funny,

  11. I laughed so hard with this! What a silly pony!

    My favorite is #4!

  12. Haha! I am loving this, I'm going for number 4 - I reckon Shy would definitely work that booty ;-)

  13. Paddington and I love your drawings... bwahahahahaaha! He thinks #4 is best, but then, he has a thing for Shy. Also, I agree with Lei. "Respectable Haffie" and "not destroying stuff" cannot belong in the same sentence. It's an oxymoron or something. ;)

  14. Great illustrations! Of course, she's not talking! I had a few mysterious stall swappings with my guys - when I came down to the barn in the morning, one time they were both in the same stall and run, another time they were in each other's stall and run. I never figured that one out!


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