Monday, December 1, 2014

no stirrups, right?

Technically, I did No Stirrup November, since I didn't ride at all with a saddle. This will continue into January. 
Just sitting, and trying to keep her from eating grass. So she decided to try to eat the picnic table instead. 
I had another "reining" ride on Shyloh this weekend. She was spinning, spinning, spinning. The ride actually started out really well. Me and Terry on Reba walked out back and took a newly cleared path behind a mountain of dirt. Then we went off to the side of the property, where for some unknown reason there is a wagon that is stored in front of some empty stalls. Shy always gives this wagon the hairy eyeball and a wide berth. As if she were to walk close to it, it may just attach itself to her and she would have to pull it. 

We stopped to talk to some friends and this is were Shy got silly. She could see her "spot" and wanted to go there. I would turn her around and then around we would go again. Round and round, I was getting dizzy! And each circle brought us closer to her end point, where there was also a drop off of about a foot. So I got off, walked her back to our friends and got back on. Shy was fine with that for maybe 10 minutes, then she got bored and wanted to go back again. This time, it was a head tossing spin session. I was able to get her straightened out and still and not facing the coveted "spot". Then I hopped off and made her stand for a while. After a while, then we went to the spot. 
Incredibly smug look because she is happy to be at her spot.
Oh, and I made it through a scoot! And survived!
Chilling out on the pony while she eats
Ugh, her and that spot! But I do realize that it is my fault, it is where she gets tacked and untacked, gets fed, gets treats, gets groomed. And she can survey most of the comings and goings about the barn from that spot. But, being a pasture boarded horse, we do not have many options of places we can use, so it is just something I will have to fight Shy about. 

The day before, Beth came up from Ohio to visit. We went out to the barn and Beth got on Shy bareback and rode her for a minute in just her halter. Shy even trotted nicely for her! Of course, Shy decided she had to be extra silly all day, just because she can. It was a fun day.
Beth and Shy
And for a little belated Thanksgiving thanks, I am so thankful for Shyloh. She is just so much fun and has come so far. I can do things with her I never thought possible and she puts up with all of my craziness. I am also incredibly thankful for all my horse friends who have been there and encouraged me through some of our tougher times. I am also thankful for the support of blog land and those who continue to read (sparse at it may be now-a-days). It is reassuring to know there are others out there like me and the kind words and support have been amazing! Thank you!


  1. You definitely win at No-Stirrup November! So glad you're having so much fun with your girl. <3 Love her smug face!

  2. Did a no stirrup November here too! Mom didn't ride hee hee.

  3. If I knew about no stirrup November I forgot. Looks like you are really taking control of riding now, great job.

  4. Bareback for the whole month? That is amazing. Good for you!

  5. Good job! So proud of you! I keep my tack in my car so Chrome's spot is by my car. Super annoying, but kind of funny hehe.

  6. I know you're a live thanks to FB, but wanted to drop a line and say I think about you and Shyloh often and hope things are well. =)

  7. Just realized I haven't heard from you in quite a while and wanted to drop in and see how you were doing!

  8. Haven't heard from you in awhile! How are you and Shyloh doing?


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